How to Share your TikTok Profile to Facebook on iPhone

Exploring the social media world has been made easy with the evolution of technology and features on social media sites. These platforms are expanding, which lets you reach more people all across the globe. In this post, find out how you can share your TikTok profile to your Facebook account using your iPhone and engage with more people on these two platforms. 

If you’re using more than one social media account, linking them together should allow you to reach more people and interact with them. That should provide a meaning to these social media platforms as they are meant for that way. Also, if you share your TikTok account or profile on your Facebook account, that could get you more followers who will watch your TikTok videos. 

The good thing with being able to share your TikTok account to a different platform, aside from getting more followers, is that you will be able to share more positivity and good vibes to people through the videos that you’ve created or posted on your TikTok profile. In times where most people are staying at home, it is best to see little things like this to make us smile. 

If you’re eager to know or you want to share to your Facebook account the best videos that you have on your TikTok account, feel free to follow the steps written below. 

How to Share your TikTok Account to your Facebook Profile

Estimate Cost : 00

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how to share the TikTok profile to your Facebook account using your iPhone:

  1. Open your TikTok app and go to your profile.

    You can tap the Me option found at the lower right of your TikTok home screen.

    share your tiktok profile

  2. Access Settings.

    Just tap the three dots at the upper right of your profile page.

    share tiktok to facebook

  3. Select Share Profile.

    It should be listed below the Balance option.

    tiktok share profile

  4. Select Facebook from the choices.

    You’ll see a Share To option which provides different platforms that you can share your TikTok profile to.

    tiktok share profile to facebook

  5. Write your Facebook post.

    You can input some words or anything that you want to say.

    tiktok create post fb

  6. Tap on Post.

    This will share your TikTok profile to your Facebook newsfeed and can be viewed by your friends. 

    tiktok share profile facebook post

  • TikTok App
  • iPhone

I hope that this article has provided you the needed information to share your TikTok account to your Facebook feed. I would be very happy if you’ll share this post to your friends or colleague who would need the same information. 

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