How To Set Up Sleep Focus On Apple iPhone 14 Pro

You can set up the Sleep Focus feature of your iPhone 14 Pro to limit the distractions during the time when you’re resting or about to sleep. 

Focus is one of the features Apple has added in its 2022 devices and for some users, it’s very useful. 

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 5 minutes

If you want to learn how to enable it or set it up properly to help you have a peaceful sleep, then here is how it’s done: 

  1. Go back to the Home Screen and tap Settings.

    This will open the Settings app on your phone. 

  2. Find and tap Focus.

    This will bring you to the screen where you set up focus. 

  3. Tap Sleep.

    This brings you to the screen where you can set up sleep focus. By default, notifications from people and apps are silenced once Sleep Focus is enabled but you can set an exception. 

  4. Tap People to open its settings.

    You will see a few settings you can change. 

  5. If you only have a few people you want to give an exception, then choose Allow Notifications From.

    Otherwise, select Silence Notifications From if you choose not to receive notifications from a few people. 

  6. Tap the Plus sign or Add People and choose the contacts you want to give an exception.

    You can select multiple contacts by tapping them. 

  7. After selecting the contacts, tap Done at the top-right corner.

    That will save the changes you made. 

  8. Tap the small arrows beside Allow Calls From and select Allowed People Only.

    This means you can receive calls from the people you added to the exception list. 

  9. Go back to the previous screen and tap Apps.

    This will allow you to make an exception for some apps that are important to you as well. 

  10. Tap Add Apps and select the apps you want to be included in your exception list.

    You can also select multiple apps by tapping on each one of them. 

  11. After selecting the apps, tap Done.

    This will save the changes. 

  12. If you want to receive Time Sensitive Notifications, then tap the switch next to it to enable it.

    It will allow apps not in your allowed list to send notifications marked as Time Sensitive immediately. 

  13. To schedule Sleep Focus, scroll down a bit and tap Set Up Sleep in Health.

    This will appear if you haven’t set it up yet. 

  14. Enter your Sleep Goal.

    It means the number of hours you want to sleep in a day. 

  15. Tap Add Schedule and enter your ideal time range for sleeping.

    This will all depend on your sleeping habit. 

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Once you’ve set up your sleeping schedule, Sleep Focus will automatically turn on at bedtime and turn off at waking time. 

And that’s how you set up and schedule Sleep Focus on your iPhone 14 Pro. 

We hope this guide can help you.

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