How to Request Verified Badge for Instagram Profile on iPhone

Been aiming to get a blue badge on your Instagram profile, but don’t know how to get your account verified? We will help you out. In this post, we have highlighted the process to request verified badge for Instagram profile on an iPhone device. Read on and learn how it’s done.

A blue verification badge will surely make a big difference for Instagram users. Having a verified badge on Instagram provides great convenience to both account holders and other Instagram users. A verified badge suggests that the account is legit and therefore, gains the confidence of other users. In return, the number of the user’s followers can possibly increase. This blue badge can be seen beside the Instagram user’s profile. 

Instagram users can’t have their account verified unless a request is sent. And luckily, there is no need for the user to contact Instagram Support to have his/her request processed. You can have your Instagram account verified straight from the app on your smartphones. 

This photo-sharing social media app provides its user a quick and easy way to get a verified badge. If you wish to get one for your account but don’t know where to go, read this post and we’ll walk you through with the process.

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Before we start, enable your iPhone’s cellular data or connect to a WiFi network. Then follow the steps we have mapped out below.

How to Request Verified Badge for Instagram Profile on iPhone

Time Needed : 03 minutes

If you would like to get an Instagram verified badge, follow the steps illustrated below and be guided.

  1. Launch the Instagram app from home and tap the Profile icon.

    The Profile icon is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Make sure you are logged in to your Instagram account to see this icon.


  2. Tap the 3 horizontal lines and then select Settings.

    The horizontal lines are located at the top-right corner of the screen, and the Settings menu is represented with a ring-like icon.


  3. Then select Account, scroll down a bit and tap the Request Verification menu.

    The Account menu can be found next to Ads while Request Verification is located next to Original Photos menu.

  4. Fill out the necessary fields, and then tap the blue Send button.

    Make sure to supply the needed information in the request form as it will be used for the verification process.


  • Apple iPhone
  • Instagram App

Sending a request verification does not guarantee an Instagram user to receive a verified badge instantly. Instagram still need to review and validate the request. There is no turn around time to when you will get verified on Instagram. Hence, once your request has been reviewed, you will receive a notification whether your request has been approved or not. 

If the request verification is denied, you need to wait for another 30 days to submit a new request. You can send request verification as many as you want as long as each request is sent every after 30 days, until you get your account verified. In the event that the request is granted, a verified badge will appear on your account immediately.

So that’s how you process a request to have your Instagram account verified. I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. If you find this information  helpful, might as well share this post so you can also be of help to others.

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