“Ok Google” Voice Command Not Working on Nexus 6P

Searching the web is made easy with the creation of voice commands. Google’s proprietary service called OK Google allows the phone to recognize your voice and perform a task depending on the commands that you said. Hey Google is also an alternative command. 

If you want to set an alarm or call someone, simply say OK Google and state your commands. Your phone will perform the task being asked, without the need to tap the settings or menu. 

Though there are limited tasks that can be performed by your device using voice commands, it is still useful especially if you can’t use your hands like when driving or if your hands are wet. 

This service should work fine as long as proper settings are configured and internet connection is present on your device. So, if you have enabled the option on your device and it is connected to a Wi-Fi internet or cellular data connection, it should work fine. 

However, there are reported cases about Ok Google voice command that is not working on Nexus 6P devices. For that matter, I have mapped out some simple procedures that you can perform to deal with that said problem. The steps are provided below. 

  • Open your “Google” app and tap on the three bars on the top left.
  • Select Settings >Voice > “Ok Google” Detection.
  • Make sure “From Google Search app” and “From any screen” are both toggled ON.
  • Go back <- into Voice and make sure Language is set to English (US).

After ensuring that the option is enabled and proper language has been set, turn off your phone for a couple of minutes and turn it back on. Once it boots up, enable the internet connection and try checking if it can recognize voice commands. 

If saying Ok Google is still not recognized and voice command is not working, you may need to perform a hard reset or factory reset on your device. This process will help in eliminating serious problems caused by stubborn glitches which are not reprimandable with simple solutions.

For a complete guide on how to perform a factory reset on Nexus 6P phone, this link will tell you how. I hope that this article will help you fix the voice command problem on your device. 

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