“New Voicemail” Notification Stuck on Galaxy Note 5

If you have a new voicemail notification stuck on Galaxy Note 5 smartphone, it might be a simple glitch. Try turning off your device for about 30 seconds and turn it back on. If this process did not fix the problem, read further and try out some other solutions below. 

When you are using your smartphone for an extended period, it is inevitable that system glitches will occur. Some indicators like the new voicemail notification may get stuck or cannot be removed even after opening the voicemail or your inbox being empty. 

Software problems could also affect certain functions on your device and could lead to the new voicemail icon won’t go away issue. Tendency of this is that you can’t get rid of the voicemail icon and it will still show on your device. 

If the new voicemail notification is affecting your overall experience and annoys you, refer to the simple recommendations that I have mapped out below. 


  • The simplest solution is to leave yourself a new voicemail. Then access your voicemail box and delete the message you left and any other messages remaining in your mailbox and it will remove the notification.

If that does not work, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Phone (All tab).
  • Select Clear Data.
  • Power your Galaxy Note 5 Off, wait 10 seconds then turn it back on and it should be gone!

Your last resort if those steps did not resolve the problem the new voicemail notification is still stuck on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device is to perform a hard reset or factory reset.

This process is considered as one of the stronger solutions that usually deals with major system errors which causes relevant symptoms to occur. Before you proceed with a hard reset, make sure to backup your important files and data as it will delete all contents on your smartphone.

For complete guide on how to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone, please click here.

I hope that this article has helped you deal with the new voicemail notification stuck on Galaxy Note 5 problem. For other troubleshooting guides and tutorial videos, feel free to visit our Youtube channel. Just don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe to it. Thank you.

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