How to Fix issues with the Facebook App on iPhone

If you are having issues with the Facebook app on your iPhone device, the first thing you need to do is to quit and relaunch the app. Doing so will dump app’s cached files that’s preventing the app to work properly. If this basic tweak fails to fix the problem, read on and troubleshoot further.

Fix issues with the Facebook App on iPhone

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If you’re having issues with the Facebook app on your iPhone and it won’t run properly, here are steps you can try that have been reported to fix the issue:

    • Make sure you have an internet connection that Facebook can connect to, so make sure the issue isn’t with your internet connection.
    • Make sure that your iOS software is up to date by tapping Settings > General > Software Update or connecting your iOS device to iTunes and clicking Check for Update on your device’s Summary page.
    • Uninstall the Facebook app completely by holding your finger down on the Facebook icon until it starts shaking then clicking the (X) that appears on the top left of the box.
  • Once Facebook is uninstalled, go back into the App Store and download the app again.
  • If everything else fails, perform a factory reset. Note that this reset will cause a complete data loss so backing up your phone data beforehand is a must. Simply head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. 

You should be able to access Facebook after the factory reset. If not, you have to contact Facebook Support for further assistance and recommendations.

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