How to Fix Brightness Bar Missing from Samsung Galaxy

If the brightness bar is missing on the notification panel of your Samsung Galaxy device, you might just need to enable the screen brightness bar from the notification panel. To know what needs to be done, scroll down and read further.

Fix Brightness Bar Missing from Samsung Galaxy

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If you’re using your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and find yourself unable to modify the brightness in your smartphone, here’s how you can make the brightness bar reappear in your notification panel:

    1. To fix this issue, drag the notification panel downward to open Notification Panel.
    2. Drag the Notification Panel downwards and tap “v” or the scroll down icon next to the brightness adjustment bar. 
    3. Tap the  Show control on top switch to have it activated, then tap DONE.

Alternatively, you can also make modification from your phone’s menu settings. Head to Settings > Display > Notification Panel > Brightness Adjustment. 

If the brightness bar is still missing after making some necessary changes, try to restart your phone to ensure that the changes will be properly applied. Otherwise, contact your phone manufacturer for additional assistance and recommendations.

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