How to configure APN settings on your Samsung: Tutorial Guide


It is necessary to configure APN settings on Samsung devices in order for the data to work properly as intended, especially for unlocked phones. From home, head to Apps->Settings-> Connections. Fill out the necessary fields and then tap SAVE when finished.

Oftentimes, Samsung devices automatically update or configure APN settings ( Access Points Names) depending on your SIM card. However, if you see a pop-up message telling you to set up your APN when inserting a new SIM into your device, you can reset it with the default data set by Samsung or configure it by yourself.

Note that APN and data settings may vary depending on which carrier/network you are currently subscribing to. Contacting your current network service provider to obtain such information is highly recommended.

For a detailed and step-by-step procedure in configuring your Samsung phone’s APN settings, scroll down and read further.

How To Configure APN Settings On Your Samsung

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Listed below are the steps on how to update and configure the APN settings on your Samsung device. If you haven’t done this before, feel free to utilize this information.

  1. Head to Connections.

    From Home, tap Apps->Settings to find the Connections menu.

  2. Tap Mobile Networks.

    Scroll down to find this option.

  3. Select Access Points Name.

    This option is located next to Network mode.

  4. Tap the Menu icon.

    This is the 3 dots located at the top-right corner next to “ACCESS POINT NAMES”.

  5. Then tap Reset to default.

    After resetting the APN to default, select your carrier’s APN network and make sure that the bullet point is green.

  6. Then enter your APN settings.

     ( For the APN settings of all US carriers, click here. )

  7. Then tap the Menu icon.

     This is located at the top-right corner.

  8. Tap Save.

    Don’t forget to tap the Save button to save all the changes made.

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After configuring your Samsung’s APN settings, restart your device. This is to ensure that the changes made will be properly implemented.Then launch an internet-operated app to verify if you already have an internet access.

In case the phone is still unable to access the internet even after updating the phone’s APN settings, make sure that your mobile data is enabled, Airplane Mode is turned off, and data roaming should be disabled. You can also contact your network service provider to verify the APN settings data on your device.

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