Can’t unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 password or pin


Locked out of Samsung Galaxy S9, forgot pin or password to unlock phone. Finger unlock not working on Galaxy S9. Can't unlock or access Samsung S9.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with built-in security features such as the ability to prevent access to your smartphone with a personal pin code, pattern, fingerprint or password. You can't unlock the phone and access any information, settings, or data until you enter the security lock that was configured.

If you've forgotten your password, pattern or password to unlock your Galaxy S9, The only way to physically regain access to your smartphone is to perform a hard reset; this means erasing all data from the device with the hardware keys, removing any configured security lock at the same time.

Of course this can be inconvenient if you're the one who forgot your password! This measure was put in place to protect your data, so if there was a way to access your information by bypassing the security lock, Samsung wouldn't be doing their job!

Here is a workaround to hard reset that you can try to hopefully regain access to your Galaxy S9. Keep in mind it doesn't work for everyone and your chances of success are alot higher if you've previously configured Android Device Manager:

  • If you have access to the Google account and password that is set-up on your device, see if you can unlock your smartphone through the Android Device Manager. We've added a link to the tool, simply click on it!
  • Once you're in Android Device Manager you should see your Galaxy S9  that was configured with that google account. Under the smartphone info you will see a button named "Lock" or "Lock & Erase". Click on it and follow the steps the given steps to lock your phone and set a new password.
  • It will ask you to set a temporary password. Enter the temporary password.
  • Try to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 using the new password you've configured through the Android device manager.

If the above workaround hasn't worked for you because your smartphone didn't appear in Device Manager, or simply you were unable to replace the password remotely with the lock feature, the only other solution is really to perform a hard reset, erasing all data on your smartphone.

  • For a complete visual guide on how to perform a hard reset, click here

Good luck!

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