How to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S9

To enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S9, access settings from the home apps screen. Turn on the developer option by toggling the switch. Tap the USB debugging toggle under the debugging section to turn it off and on. Select OK to confirm action. 

If you are looking for more details, follow our full tutorial on how to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S9 below. 

When you’re having trouble connecting your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your computer to transfer files or photos, you might find recommendations to enable USB debugging. The hard part is how to find USB debugging in your Galaxy S9  and how to activate it.

If you’re having trouble finding USB debugging  in your Galaxy S9, it’s because the option is hidden by default until you activate Developer Mode in your device. Not to worry, we got you covered and we’ve included how to activate developer in your Galaxy S9 in this guide as well!

Here is how to enable Developer Mode for a Samsung Galaxy S9:

  • Go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Tap on Build number at least seven times repeatedly.
  • You will eventually see a popup saying “Developer mode Activated”.

Now that Developer mode has been activated on your Samsung Galaxy S9, here is how to enable USB debugging:

  • Go to Settings > Developer options.
  • Tap on USB debugging to turn it on.
  • If you wish to transfer files, then make sure the USB configuration is set to MTP.

If you are looking to enable USB debugging to solve connectivity issues between your Samsung Galaxy S9 and your computer, click here to follow a step-by-step guide on everything you can try to solve this problem!

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