My Galaxy S10 Can’t Send Text Messages After Android 10. Here’s the Fix!

When a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S10 can’t send text messages and the problem started after a firmware update, then the issue can really be not that serious. That seems to be the case with some owners who have recently updated their phones to Android 10.

Such a problem needs your immediate attention but you don’t need to worry so much about it. In this post, I will guide you in fixing your Galaxy S10 that can no longer send text messages after Android 10.

What Should I Do If My Galaxy S10 Can’t Send Text Messages?

This issue can range from a minor firmware problem to a more complicated network-related concern that my need immediate attention from your service provider. What you can do is rule out one possibility after another until you can determine what the problem really is. Here are the things you need to do.

  1. Do the Forced Restart first

    If you were able to send text messages prior to this problem, then it’s probably just a minor firmware issue. It’s something you can fix by doing the forced restart. 

    Step 1: Press and hold the volume down and the power key for 15 seconds or more. 
    Step 2: When the logo show, release both keys and wait for your phone to finish booting up. 

    Once the phone is ready, try to see if you can now successfully send a text message.
    galaxy s10 can't send text force restart

  2. Make sure your phone has a good reception

    When it comes to wireless data transmission, a good reception is always required. So if all of a sudden your Galaxy S10 can’t send text messages, you should check if it’s getting signal from the tower. 

    Look at the signal indicator at the top-right corner of the screen. If you’re getting only two bars or less, then it means your phone may encounter texting and calling issues every now and then. 

    However, if you see an airplane icon instead of the signal indicator, it means that flight mode is enabled and all wireless communications may have been disabled. Disable airplane mode and the problem should be fixed.
    galaxy s10 can't send text signal airplane mode

  3. Check the Message Center Number

    While it may take several clicks to access this number, it is always possible that it has been deleted or changed, especially if your Galaxy S10 can receive messages but not able to send one. 

    The Center Number may vary from provider to provider, so try to access it and check if what you have on your phone is correct. Google the message center number for your provider and see if your phone has the correct one. 

    Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Messages.
    Step 2: Tap the menu icon (three dots stacked) and tap Settings.
    Step 3: Touch More settings, and then tap Text messages.
    Step 4: From this screen, you can see the Message center number.

  4. Call your Service Provider

    After resetting the network settings and your phone shows it’s getting good reception and that it has the correct message center number but still can’t send text messages, then it’s time you called your service provider. 

    It is always possible that the problem is with your account or the network. Your service provider will be able to advise you what the problem is and why your Galaxy S10 can’t send text messages

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