How To Show Galaxy S10 Battery Percentage

By default, the Galaxy S10 battery percentage is not shown on the status bar. What you have there is the battery icon, which vaguely tells you the level of your phone’s battery. 

Showing the Galaxy S10 battery percentage isn’t really that important to some. However, there are users, especially the ones who are always travelling, that really need to tell how much battery is left on their devices so that they conserve battery if needed. 

While this procedure is actually pretty easy to do, we’ve been asked countless times where to find the option to enable battery percentage. Some believed that it’s under Device care because there’s a battery section, but it’s not really there. 

So, if you’re one of the users who are wondering where to find the option or how to display battery percentage, then this post should be able to help you. Continue reading.

How To Show Galaxy S10 Battery Percentage

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

The top-most portion of the screen where the battery icon is placed (beside the hole-punch camera cutout) is called the status bar. It is important that you know this because that’s the hint in finding the setting to display battery percentage. When ready, follow the steps below…

  1. Pull the app drawer up and then find and tap Settings.

    You may also access the Settings menu by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear icon.
    galaxy s10 battery percentage settings

  2. Find and tap Notifications.

    It’s usually the third option from the top.
    galaxy s10 battery percentage notifications

  3. Tap Status bar.

    This is where you can find the setting to display Galaxy S10 battery percentage.
    galaxy s10 battery percentage status bar

  4. Tap the switch next to Show battery percentage to enable it.

    Immediately after doing that, the battery percentage will show just beside the battery icon.
    galaxy s10 battery percentage success

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0
  • Galaxy S10

Some S10 Battery FAQs

Where can I find the S10 battery saving mode?

It should be under Settings > Device care > Battery > Power mode. You will have four options when you navigate to that screen.

My Galaxy S10 no longer shows the battery percentage while charging. How can I enable it back?

There’s a setting for that. Just go to Settings > Display > Show charging information. Make sure the toggle switch is on.

My Galaxy S10 does not charge fast with my wireless charger, is it a problem with my phone or the charger.

It depends. If you’re sure your wireless charger is capable of fast charging, then the problem is with your phone. But it might really not be a problem since fast wireless charging is disabled by default. So, enable it by going to Settings > Device care > Battery > Fast wireless charging. Make sure the switch is turned on.

And that’s pretty much it, guys!

I hope that this post can help you in finding and showing the battery percentage on your Galaxy S10 and answer some of your questions.

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