How to Forget Bluetooth Device on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through removing a saved Bluetooth device that’s previously paired with the latest Google Pixel smartphone. Here’s a quick guide to forget Bluetooth devices on Google Pixel 7.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Every Bluetooth device that’s paired with your Google Pixel smartphone will be added and saved in the latter’s Bluetooth directory. Thus, you won’t have to go through the same Bluetooth pairing procedure the next time you connect your phone to that device.

However, there may be some instances when deleting any of these saved devices would be necessary. 
If you’re new to Pixel smartphones and need some input on how to access and manage this setting on your Pixel 7, you can refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. Whenever you’re ready, open the Settings app.

    forget BT device google pixel7 1

    To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to find the Settings app shortcut then tap on it to launch the app.

  2. In the Settings app menu, find then tap Connected devices.

    forget BT device google pixel7 2

    A list of all devices that are previously paired with your Pixel phone will load up on the next screen.

  3. Navigate to the Saved devices section then tap See all to view all the list of Bluetooth devices stored in the system.

    forget BT device google pixel7 3

    Another menu opens with a list of all previous Bluetooth device connections.

  4. Find the device that you’d like to delete then tap on the gear-shaped icon next to it.

    forget BT device google pixel7 4

    Doing so will load up another menu with additional device details. 

  5. To continue, tap Forget.

    forget BT device google pixel7 5

    This option is located beneath the device name before the Connect option.

  6. A pop-up warning will show up next.

    forget BT device google pixel7 6

    Read the warning message then tap Forget device to confirm action.

  • Settings
  • Google Pixel 7

After the command execution, your Pixel phone will no longer be paired with the selected device as the device gets deleted from the phone’s Bluetooth directory.

In order to connect your Google Pixel phone with the deleted device again, you will need to start pairing them from scratch. This denotes the need to enter the Bluetooth pairing code, when the device requires.

To delete another Bluetooth device from your Pixel 7, just repeat the same steps to return to the Bluetooth device’s menu then choose the next device that you’d like to forget.

When to Forget Bluetooth Devices?

Forgetting a Bluetooth device does more than just deleting the device from the Bluetooth directory. In fact, this has been proven to help fix random Bluetooth connectivity issues in many Android phones including Google Pixel devices. This is often the case when your phone encounters unexpected Bluetooth pairing errors tied to some sort of conflicts with any of the saved devices.

It turns out that forgetting the suspected Bluetooth device also eradicates the underlying cause and thereby fixes the problem.

This process does not affect your existing Bluetooth settings and other Bluetooth connection preferences.

You can always pair your Pixel phone to any of the deleted Bluetooth devices for as long as they’re turned on, discoverable, active and within range.

And that’s how you delete a saved Bluetooth device using the Forget Bluetooth command on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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