Five Common iPhone 11 Connectivity Issues and How to Fix Them

Connectivity issues happen every now and then and regardless of whether you’re using a high-end smartphone like the iPhone 11 or an entry-level device, you may still stumble upon any of the problems I cited below. 

In this post, I have listed down five of the most commonly reported connectivity or network issues with iPhone 11. Most of these problems aren’t really that serious so you can make your device work perfectly again by doing a few troubleshooting procedures. Read on to learn how to fix these problems. 

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Bluetooth not working on iPhone 11

The advancement in Bluetooth technology has always been fast and so only a few actually encounter Bluetooth issues nowadays. The most common problem about this service is that it won’t pair with an accessory that’s working properly with other devices. Compatibility issue is not a common cause because no manufacturer would want to build a Bluetooth device that won’t work with the most popular devices in the market today, unless of course the maker is targeting a specific clientele. 

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But for those who were able to use Bluetooth properly prior to the problem, this is what you need to do: 

  1. Force restart your iPhone 11 first as it can be just a result of a minor firmware glitch. 
  2. Delete the current Bluetooth connection and let your iPhone repair with the device. 
  3. Reset the network settings to refresh all wireless services. 
  4. Lastly, if all else fails, a reset will be necessary. 

These solutions have been proven to fix any Bluetooth issues. I hope they work for you, too. 

Cellular data not working on iPhone 

The cellular data can be useful when you’re always on-the-go and want to connect to the Internet. However, some iPhone 11 users have complained that the cellular data on their devices does not work. Some reported that even if it’s enabled, they still can’t connect to the Internet, while others said that their connection drops intermittently or the connection is very slow. If you’re one of the owners of the iPhone 11 with cellular data issues, here’s what you I suggest you do: 

  1. If it’s the first time the problem occurs, force restart your iPhone as it can be due to a glitch. 
  2. Open Settings and go to Cellular, disable Cellular data for a few seconds and re-enable it so that your iPhone can reconnect to the network. 
  3. Reset all the network settings of your iPhone if the problem persists. This is to refresh all the network services on your device. 
  4. A reset will be necessary if the previous procedures failed to fix the problem.
  5. Call your service provided if all else fails as the problem could be with your account.  

One of these solutions should be able to fix this problem. I hope this helps. 

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WiFi not working on iPhone

Now this can either be pretty minor or really complicated. The problem can only be with your network device or a sign of a serious hardware issue. What you can do is rule out the possibilities that it’s not a problem with your network devices and not an issue with the firmware. Here’s what I suggest you do if WiFi isn’t working on your iPhone 11. 

  1. Reboot your network device such as the router, modem, or both. This will refresh the connection from your network device. 
  2. While waiting for the router to start broadcasting the signal, force restart your iPhone to make sure it’s not just due to a minor glitch. 
  3. Forget the current WiFi connection and let your phone reconnect. This will refresh the connection from your phone. 
  4. Reset the network settings to make sure all services are working fine and to replace the WiFi connections on your phone. 
  5. If nonce of these work, then a factory reset will be necessary. 
  6. After the reset and WiFi is still not working, then it’s time to set up an appointment at the Genius Bar as the problem could be with the hardware. 

One of these solutions should fix the problem as long as it’s not a hardware issue. 

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Signal keeps dropping on iPhone 11

The thing is if your iPhone gets a good signal and then drops it, the problem could be with the network, especially if it hasn’t been happening ever since. However, if the signal keeps dropping on your iPhone out of the box, then the problem is with your device and the best thing to do about it have it checked. But assuming that the problem just started happening, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Force restart your iPhone to refresh its memory. 
  2. Toggle the Airplane Mode On and Off to force your iPhone to reconnect to the network. 
  3. Reset the network settings to refresh all network services.
  4. Factory reset your iPhone. 

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iPhone 11 keeps disconnecting from WiFi network

When an iPhone keeps disconnecting from the WiFi network, the problem could either be with the network device or with your phone. But most of the time, this is just a minor issue and here’s what you need to do if this happens to you…

  1. Restart your network device first because it’s possible that it’s failing. 
  2. Force restart your iPhone to refresh its memory. 
  3. Reset all network settings on your iPhone to refresh the network services in your device. 
  4. Factory reset your iPhone to bring it back to its default settings and configuration. 

Based on our experience, one of these procedures should be able to fix this problem.

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