How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy A50 [Help Guide]

If you wish to enable Developer Mode on your Galaxy A50 device but can’t find the option on the menu settings, read this post to learn.

With Developer Mode enabled on your Samsung Galaxy A50, you will be able to improve the app performance of your android phone. By default, this option is hidden. So before you can turn on Developer Mode, you need to unhide this option from the menu settings .

Unhiding the Developer options menu isn’t that hard though. It can be done with just a few taps from your phone’s main screen. Follow the steps we have listed below to unhide this option from the menu settings:

How to unhide and enable Developer Mode:

Time Needed : 03 minutes

With these instructions, you will be able to unhide the Developer Options on your Galaxy A50 and be able to manage Developer Mode when needed.

  1. Go to Settings from Home.

    Swipe the screen downward from top to locate the Settings icon.enable developer mode

  2. Scroll down to and tap About phone or About device.

    This option is located at the bottom.
    enable developer mode on galaxy a50

  3. Scroll to Software information.

    As the name implies, this menu will provide you Software information like the current Android version, Kernel version, base band, build number, and more.
    enable developer mode

  4. Tap the Build number 7 times.

    This option is located at the middle.
    enable developer mode

  5. Enter your device PIN, Password, or Pattern to enable Developer Options.

    This is only applicable to phones with pin, password, or pattern.

  6. Then to back to Settings and check if Developer options is already available.

    Developer options is where you can enable Developer Mode on your device. If you followed steps 1-5 accordingly, then this option should be visible under Settings.
    enable developer mode

    Once you see the Developer options from the menu settings, this means that you were able to unhide the option successfully. Proceed to the next step to Enable Developer Mode.

  7. Toggle the Developer Mode switch on or off.

    Most often, the Developer Mode switch is automatically enabled after activating the Developer Options. Otherwise, you need to toggle the switch to enable the feature.
    enable developer mode

  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Android 9 Pie

Steps 1 to 6 are only applicable if the option is still hidden. Otherwise, you can directly head to Settings->Developer Mode to enable the option.

And that is how you unhide and enable Developer Mode on your Samsung Galaxy device.

I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. Feel free to share this post to your friends who may also need the same help in activating this option on their respective devices.

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