How to Enable Dark Theme on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through activating the Pixel 7’s dark mode feature. Here’s a quick guide to enable the dark theme feature on the new Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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Time Needed : 4 minutes

Like other modern smartphones, the newest Google Pixel flagship devices also have a dark mode feature called Dark Theme that you can activate to save battery and to enhance the display. 

Depicted below is the actual process of activating the Pixel 7's dark theme feature. Feel free to refer to these subsequent instructions if you're new to this phone and need some input on how to access and activate this feature on your recently procured Google Pixel phone.

  1. To get started, open the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the Home or Apps screen. To access the Apps screen on your Pixel 7, just swipe up from the Home screen.

    Once you’ve accessed the Apps screen/tray, locate the gear icon to access the Settings app menu.

  2. In the Settings app menu, scroll to find Display from the given items and then tap on it to continue.

    Another menu opens with display-related features and options.

  3. Navigate to the Appearance section and then tap Dark Theme.

    The Dark theme menu opens next.

  4. While in the Dark theme menu, tap to enable the switch next to Use Dark Theme, if you want your device to switch to dark mode right away.

    The system-wide display interface will then become dark.

  5. You can also set a schedule for the phone to automatically switch to dark mode/theme. To do so, simply tap Schedule in the Dark theme menu.

    A pop-up menu opens with a few options.

  6. Tap to choose your preferred option for the Dark theme/mode to automatically activate on your phone.

    Among the given choices include None, Turns on at custom time and Turns on from sunset to sunrise.

  7. To use a custom schedule for dark mode, tap Turns on at custom time.

    On the next screen you will see additional options to set the start time and end time.

  8. To set a start time, tap Start time then use the preset timer to set your preferred time. Once you're finished setting the time, tap tap OK to apply recent changes.

    The new start time for dark theme/mode is now applied to the display settings on your phone.

  9. To set the end time, tap End time then set your preferred time using the preset timer. After setting the time, tap OK to save changes.

    The new end time for dark theme/mode is now applied to the display settings on your device.

  10. Another available option is From Sunset to Sunrise.

    If you choose the option to enable dark theme or dark mode from sunset to sunrise, your phone will automatically switch to dark during sunset and switch back to normal mode during sunrise.

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  • Google Pixel 7

Changes will reflect system-wide so you should see that your phone’s interface will become dark during the set schedule.

When to Activate Dark Theme/Mode?

Enabling dark theme or dark mode will reduce power consumption and is therefore ideal when aiming to preserve the phone’s battery life during critical situations.

Aside from saving battery, switching to a dark theme can also make the screen easier to use especially during night time. In fact, enabling this feature is recommended when using your phone at night as it makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Some third-party apps however might have a separate (in-app) dark mode feature and therefore not affected by these recent changes on your phone’s display.

And that’s how you enable dark theme/mode on the new Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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