How to Download and Install WhatsApp | WhatsApp Guide 2020

Tired of using same old messaging app? Why not download and install WhatsApp on your iPhone? I’ll show you how…

WhatsApp messenger is among the known messaging apps owned by Facebook and is available for free. The app is notable for being a closed-source software that guarantees users for a safe and secure method of communication.

Users don’t incur charges for using WhatsApp nor charged for sending SMS and MMS. Conversations from both parties can only be made possible with the presence of a stable internet connection. Though the WhatsApp uses mobile numbers for calls and messages, the app still uses data connection on both users mobile devices.

If you want to start using the app on your iPhone device, I will help you out. In this post, we will show you how to download and install WhatsApp.

Be advised that the process is quite different from an android phone. So if you owned an android phone, you can visit our main page and check if we’ve already posted a guide to download and install the app on an android device. However, if you have an iPhone device, continue reading…

How to Download and Install WhatsApp | WhatsApp Guide 2020

Shown below are the simple and easiest steps to download and install WhatsApp on your iPhone device. Once you’re connected to WiFi or cellular data has been enabled, follow the steps mapped out below and be guided.

Time Needed : 03 minutes

The illustration shown below is only applicable to iPhone devices.

  1. Launch the App Store from Home.

    Swipe your finger left or right to find the App Store.


  2. On the search tab, enter WhatsApp then tap the search icon.

    You can also tap the Search button on your iPhone's keyboard, or simply select one of the search results.


  3. Scroll to and select WhastApp Messenger to download and install.

    Tap the cloud icon or GET button to download and install the app.


  4. Then tap Open the launch the app.

    The download may take a minute or 2 to complete, so make sure to wait until it shows the Open option next to the app's name.


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  • WhatsApp

After you have successfully downloaded and installed WhatsApp on your iPhone, you can then proceed to register and verify your phone number. Should you need help in creating a WhatsApp account on your iPhone device, click on this link.

Downloading and installing an app on your iPhone is pretty much easy. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a verified Apple account, everything should be transpired as smoothly as possible. I hope that you have learned something about this article. For more video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones, feel free to visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading!