How to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Network on iPhone 13 | Forget Network iOS 15

Need help removing unused Wi-Fi networks saved on your iPhone 13? This post highlights a simple walkthrough on how to get this done. Read on to learn how to delete saved Wi-Fi network on iPhone 13 by triggering the iOS 15 forget network command.

When you connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, the device remembers that network and will automatically save it in its wireless network directory. The device will likewise connect to that network automatically in the future unless you’ve disabled auto-connect.

If you don’t want your iPhone 13 to work in this manner, then it’s either you disable the auto-connect feature when setting up a new Wi-Fi network. Doing so will prevent the device from connecting to the Wi-Fi network automatically.

In the case where the Wi-Fi network(s) has already been added and saved on the phone and you no longer want to use it, deleting the network is recommended. This is when the iOS Forget Network command comes into play.

How does iOS 15 Forget Network Command work?

One of the built-in commands on an iPhone that can be used when dealing with various wireless connectivity issues is the so-called Forget network command.

Triggering this iOS command will delete or remove a selected network from the iOS wireless network directory.

This therefore prevents the phone from switching or connecting to any corrupt Wi-Fi networks and thereby steer clear of any network connectivity issue in the future.

Easy Steps to Delete Saved Wi-Fi network on iPhone 13

The following steps are also applicable when deleting (forget) a Wi-Fi network on other iPhone models running on the same iOS version with that of the iPhone 13.

Actual screens and menu options may vary between wireless carriers and device models so expect some slight difference on the user interface.

Step 1: Open the settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
Step 2: While on the main settings menu, tap Wi-Fi. Make sure that the Wi-Fi switch is turned on so you can see all the list of available Wi-Fi networks saved on  your phone.
Step 3: Tap the information (i) icon next to the name of the Wi-Fi network that you’d like to delete.
Step 4: On the succeeding menu, tap the option to Forget This Network. 
Step 5: Read the pop-up warning and then tap Forget to confirm. The selected network will then be deleted and removed from the current list.

To delete or remove another network, just repeat the same steps.

Advantages of Deleting a Wi-Fi Network

Although keeping all Wi-Fi networks you’ve previously connected to benefits in terms of not having to set up the network over again, this may likewise cause conflicts at some point.

Wireless connectivity issues may be triggered if any of the saved Wi-Fi networks got corrupted and your iPhone automatically switches between available networks. When this happens, adverse symptoms can be triggered including slow internet, Wi-Fi drops (intermittent connection) and no internet at all.

To fix the problem, deleting the corrupted Wi-Fi network is necessary. And this is when you trigger the Forget Network function on your iPhone 13. 

Re-adding Forgotten Network

In the case where the corrupted Wi-Fi network happens to be the current network your iPhone is connected, forgetting and re-adding the network is recommended. Just repeat the same steps to forget the network.

  • Once the network has been successfully deleted/removed, reboot your iPhone and then head back to Settings-> Wi-Fi menu to set up the Wi-Fi network and join like the first time.

Be sure to enter the correct Wi-Fi password to elude any type of connection errors.

Aside from forgetting Wi-Fi network, wireless internet issues on an iPhone including those tied to corrupted wireless networks can also be remedied by performing a network reset through the iOS reset network settings command.

Keeping the iPhone software (iOS) up-to-date is also recommended to ensure optimum network performance and overall system stability.

And that’s all about forgetting saved Wi-Fi networks from the iPhone 13 and other iPhone models running the iOS 15 or later version.

Hope this helps!

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