How to Create, View, and Manage Bookmarked Pages in iPhone Safari

To access websites and other pages on your browser easily, creating a bookmark might help. It allows you to open these websites in the future by simply viewing your bookmarked pages. In this post, learn how to create, view and manage bookmarked pages on your iPhone’s Safari. 

If you happen to scroll on a webpage and you would like to visit it again in the future, you may save a shortcut that should direct your browser to that specific page. That is how bookmarks can be created. Doing so will save the title, URL, and the icon that corresponds to that specific webpage. 

Saving bookmarks on your web browser like Safari will allow easy access to your favorite web pages or web sites. To access those saved web pages, all you need to do is open your bookmark lists and click the corresponding web site that has been saved on your Safari browser. This is more convenient compared to typing the full website address on your iPhone’s web browser. 

Having a bookmark on your iPhone’s Safari browser should help you save time if you want to access them in the future. Follow the steps that are written below to create, view and manage bookmarked pages on your web browser. 

Manage, Create and View the Bookmarked Pages on your iPhone

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Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how you can view, manage and create bookmark pages on your Safari web browser: 

  1. While browsing at your iPhone's Safari, open the browser's menu.

    Just tap the Arrow up button inside the square box at the lower center.

    safari manage bookmarked pages

  2. To create a Bookmark, tap on Add Bookmark.

    This will save the website that you're currently browsing.

    safari add bookmark

  3. Type your desired bookmark name and tap on Save.

    You can change the name of the bookmark but don't change the URL.

    safari save bookmark

  4. To view your bookmarked pages, tap the book icon.

    The book icon is located beside the menu icon at the lower right of your Safari browser.

    safari bookmark icon

  5. Tap on Favorites.

    You should be at the book icon under Bookmarks to access Favorites. This is where you can see your saved web pages.

    safari view bookmarks

  6. To manage your bookmarks, tap on Edit.

    This is located at the lower right of the bookmark page. You can delete, edit name or URL under Edit option. Just tap Done at the lower right after editing to save changes.

    safari bookmark edit options

  • Safari browser
  • iPhone

While there are few limitations with bookmarks on your iPhone’s Safari, please be reminded that you are only allowed to save 25,000 bookmarks on iCloud. Each bookmark should have a maximum size of 4KB and 24MB for the total bookmarks. Exceeding those limitations might result in an error while saving a bookmark on your browser. 

I hope that this article has helped you create bookmarks on your iPhone and view them in the future. If you know some colleagues or friends who also need the same help, I would appreciate it if you’ll refer them to this page. 

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