How to Change the Default Language on Galaxy A13 5g

This post will walk you through replacing the default system language on the Samsung Galaxy A13 5g with your preferred dialect. Here’s a quick guide on how to change the default language on Galaxy A13.

Need help altering the default language or adding your preferred language on your Samsung phone? If so, then keep scrolling to view more detailed instructions.

One UI 4 Language Settings

Samsung Galaxy phones support multiple languages that meet various demands of individual users from across the globe.

Typically, the default language is selected during the initial setup process as system language is among the first key features that you’ll have to set the first time you use the phone.

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The Language and input settings on every Samsung Galaxy phone allows you to configure the language that will be used in certain apps and the entire system. Just like other features, options from the language and input menu of your phone can also be customized by end-users. This means that you can change whatever is set as default or current option selected.

Depicted below is the actual process of altering the default language and input settings on the Samsung Galaxy A13 5g smartphone.

Feel free to refer to this quick walkthrough if you need help managing this feature on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Steps to Change the Default Language on Galaxy A13

The following steps are also applicable when altering the default language on other Samsung Galaxy phones that are running in Android 12 with One UI 4 or later OS version. Actual screens and menu items may vary between devices and wireless carriers.

You may start whenever you’re all set to access and manage the language and input settings on your phone.

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen or Apps viewer to launch the Settings app.
Step 2: While in the Settings menu, find and then tap General management. Relevant features and options will load up on the next screen.
Step 4: On the General management menu, tap Language.
Select from the existing list of languages or add language that you’d like to use then follow the rest of the onscreen prompts to save and apply changes.

The recently selected language will then appear at the top of the list and will be used by default. It will also be used as the default language for the Samsung keyboard app.

If the default language is not supported by an app, the second language will be used instead. Make sure that your preferred language is marked or checked so that it will be used as default.

The languages that appear in the list may vary depending on the country or region you’re in.

If your preferred language does not appear in the list, tap the triple-dot icon on the top-rightmost corner on the Add a language screen and then tap All to view all the languages that are already defined and available in your region.

Adding a new language

If your language does not show in the existing list, then you can add it. Here’s how it’s done on the Galaxy A13 5g smartphone:

Step 1: While in the Language menu, tap + Add language. It’s typically found next to the last language.

Step 2: On the succeeding menu, select your Language from Samsung’s suggested languages.

Step 3: If prompted, select and set your region. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Read the message prompt then choose whether you’d like to set it as default or keep the current language instead.

If you select Set as default, the recently added language will be used as the new default language on the phone. Otherwise, the current language will be retained.

Should you wish to add another language, just follow the above steps.

Deleting a language

Similar to adding, deleting a language from the existing list is pretty straightforward. And here’s how it’s done on the Galaxy A13 device:

Step 1: While in the Language menu, tap Edit on the top-rightmost corner.

Step 2: On the succeeding menu, tap to select the language that you’d like to delete then tap Remove at the bottom.

Step 3: Read the warning message and then tap Remove to confirm.

The selected language will be removed from the current list.

And that’s how to alter and manage the language and input settings on the Samsung Galaxy A13 5g smartphone.

Hope this helps!

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