Can’t Receive Calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Those who can’t receive calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might be experiencing a minor glitch only. Try to restart your phone and make sure that you have a good signal reception. A reset may resolve the issue quickly on your device. 

If the issue is not resolved and you still can’t receive calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you may need to check with your carrier provider and verify if the service is active on their end. Make sure that there is no service outage that may have been causing this problem.

After verifying and the service is working fine on their end, try to perform other solutions that I have mapped out below. Read further and find out how. 


If you’re not receiving calls from all numbers, then first make sure you have service on your phone and you can place outgoing calls. If you have no service on your smartphone, click here for a guide on how to fix network issues on your Galaxy Note 5.

If you’re not receiving calls but can place outgoing calls, first make sure none of the numbers are in your block list by following these steps:

    • Open you Phone app as if you were to place a call.
    • Tap on More in the top right and tap Settings.
    • Tap onCall blocking.
    • Select Block List.
    • Make sure none of the numbers you’re having trouble receiving calls from aren’t part of your block list. If they are, you can delete them from the block list.
    • If you have no contacts in your Reject List, go to Settings > Sound and notifications > Do not disturb and make sure it’s turned OFF.
    • If both options above failed to work, and you can’t receive calls from ALL numbers, then consider performing a factory reset by following this step-by-step guide.
  • If you are having trouble receiving calls from only one number and you performed the steps above, then make sure the person calling you is dialing the proper number. If they are, have them contact their network provider as this could be a call routing issue.

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