How to Block a Phone Number on Galaxy A33 5g

This post will walk you through blocking someone from calling on your Samsung phone. Here’s a quick guide to block a phone number on the Galaxy A33 5g.

Blocking and Unblocking Number on Samsung Phones

The fastest and easiest solution to stop getting annoying phone calls and messages is to block the number.

In modern Samsung Galaxy phones, there are plenty of built-in privacy features that you can use to prevent spammers and scammers from reaching you through calls or texts.

Built-in apps and services such as Contacts, Phone and Messages offer a dedicated blocking feature you can activate at any time.

If you’re new to Android phones and need some input on how to access and activate this feature on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, we’ve outlined this step-by-step guide for your reference. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Different Ways to Block a Phone Number on Galaxy A33 5g

Blocking a phone number on your Samsung phone can be carried out in different methods, using different built-in applications. You can block phone numbers straight from the contacts app, phone app and call logs list. Just go for the method that suits you best.

A. Block Number via Contacts App

These steps will take you to the Contacts app menu where you can activate the blocking feature that puts a contact to the blocklist.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: First, launch the Contacts app by tapping on the Contacts icon from the Home screen or Apps tray.

Step 2: In the Contacts app main menu, you will see a list of all your contacts. Scroll to find and then tap the contact that you’d like to block.

Step 3: While in the contact’s info screen, tap More represented by a three-dot icon located at the bottom-right corner. A side menu opens with a few relevant options.

Step 4: To continue, tap Block contact from the given menu options.

Step 5: Read the warning prompt then tap Block to confirm.

The selected contact will then be removed from your existing list of contacts and added to the blocklist. As a result, you will no longer receive any calls or messages from that contact unless you unblock it.

  • Blocked contacts will still appear in your Contacts list.

This blocking method is only applicable if the number you wish to block is already added or saved among other contacts on your phone.

B. Block Number via Phone App

Blocking a phone number from the Phone app is typically done by manually adding the phone number to block (if the number isn’t saved as a contact). 

If the number to block is listed in your call logs, then you can directly access your call logs list and find the number that you want to block from the list.

Just follow these steps to block unknown numbers and unknown callers on your phone:

Step 1: To get started, launch the Phone app by tapping on the Phone app icon from the Home screen or Apps tray.

Step 2: In the Phone app’s main screen, tap the Menu icon represented by a three-dot icon located on the top-right edge next to the search icon.

Step 3: To continue, tap Settings from the side menu options. Doing so will take you straight to the Phone app settings menu.

Step 4: Tap Block numbers to proceed. 

Step 5: On the following screen, you will see the option to block numbers from unknown or private callers and beneath it is a list of all blocked numbers on your phone.

  • To automatically block incoming calls from unknown numbers and private numbers, turn on the switch next to Block unknown/private numbers. That should block unwanted calls from reaching your Galaxy phone.
  • There is also an option for you to block spam and scam calls from telemarketers, fraudsters, and other unwanted callers.
  • To use this feature, simply tap on Block spam and scam calls then toggle the OFF switch to turn the feature ON. 
That will enable the Caller ID and spam protection feature to block calls from scammers and spammers on your device.

As a result, scam and spam callers and other callers that are not in your contacts will be tagged and blocked by Hiya.

  • To block scam and spam callers, turn on the Block spam and scam calls switch then choose whether you’d like to Block all spam and scam calls or only block high-risk scam calls.
  • To manually add a phone number to block, just tap on the Add phone number text field then type in the phone number that you’d like to block. Finally, tap the Plus (+) icon next to it to add the number to the existing blocklist.
Should you wish to remove a phone number from the block list, simply tap the Minus(-) sign next to the phone number to unblock.
  • To block a phone number from your recent call logs, just launch the phone app then tap the Recents tab.
  • Find and select the phone number then tap Block at the bottom of the next screen. Read the warning prompt then tap Block to confirm.

C. Block Number from Messages

The built-in messaging app also has a blocking feature that you can activate should you wish to block text messages from spammers, scammers, or someone you don’t like to hear from.

To get this done, just head over to the Messages app settings menu with these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Samsung Messages app to get started.

Step 2: In the Messages app screen, navigate to the conversation with the number you want to block.

Step 3: Tap the dropdown arrow next to the phone number or name at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Tap Block number on the drop down menu.

Step 5: Read the pop-up message then tap Block to confirm. To block the number and delete the existing conversation, tap to mark the checkbox before Delete conversation.

That number will then be added in your existing blocklist and so you will no longer receive any messages or calls from it.

Hope this helps!

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