How to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on Galaxy S20

Need help utilizing your Galaxy S20’s Wi-Fi calling feature? Here’s a quick guide that’s especially intended for this purpose. Read on to learn how to activate Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S20 and start making and receiving phone calls using your phone’s wireless internet connection.

Wi-Fi calling is one of the advanced phone app features found in modern smartphones, particularly HD Voice-enabled and Wi-Fi Calling-capable devices like Samsung’s newest Galaxy flagship handset — the Galaxy S20. It’s an HD or High Definition voice service that utilizes a high speed internet connection to process calls. That said, calls are made and received over a Wi-Fi network instead of cellular network.

This feature comes in handy when using your phone in an area where your cellular network coverage is weak or not available at all. Another advantage of Wi-Fi calling is the fact that it doesn’t cost you extra fees for using the service. This is because carriers considered Wi-Fi calls as if you were making regular cellular calling services provisioned for your account. In order to use Wi-Fi calling feature on your smartphone, you will need to enable it beforehand.

If you’re new to the Android platform and need some input on how to get started with Wi-Fi calling on the new Samsung Galaxy S20, I’ve laid out a simple guide for you to use. Feel free to refer to the outlined steps below.

Easy Steps to Activate Wi-Fi calling on Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps depict that standard process of activating the Galaxy S20 Wi-Fi calling feature, making it ready for use. In case you’re having trouble navigating through the menus, I’ve also included individual screenshots described on every step. This should be a straightforward process. So here’s how to get started with this calling feature.

  1. Tap the Phone icon from the Home screen to begin with.

    This will launch the phone application or dialer screen.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - phone app icon

  2. From the Phone app/dialer screen, tap the Quick Settings icon located next to the Search icon on the top-right corner of the display.

    The Quick Settings icon is represented by a three-vertical dot figure next to the magnifying glass.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - phone app quick settings icon

  3. Tap to select Settings from the list of quick menu options.

    These options are displayed after tapping the three vertical dots. Tapping Settings will then open the Call settings screen with various sub-menu options or items.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - phone app quick settings - settings option

  4. Scroll down and tap Wi-Fi Calling.

    The Wi-Fi Calling screen will then appear. 

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - phone app quick settings - wifi calling settings

  5. Tap the enable the OFF switch.

    Doing so will turn on Wi-Fi call feature and relevant services on your device.
    If prompted, follow the onscreen commands to enter a US address to be used for emergency calls. This information can be updated anytime so you can have it finalized later.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - turn on wifi calling switch

  6. Then, tap the Roaming network preference option.

    This option, along with others will be displayed after enabling the Wi-Fi calling switch.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - roaming network preference

  7. From the pop-up Roaming network preference menu, tap to select your preferred option.

    You can choose between mobile network preferred or Wi-Fi preferred. Select the former if you want to use mobile data, else Wi-Fi preferred if you want to use Wi-Fi network connection to use Wi-Fi calling while roaming.

    activate wifi calling galaxy s20 - select roaming network preference

  • Galaxy S20
  • Android 10, One UI 2.0

For more information regarding these network preferences, you can ask your carrier or network service provider. There might be some specific requirements to meet in order to use a specific network service.

If for some reason you cannot activate Wi-Fi calling or Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work on your device, check and ensure that you have the HD voice feature activated on your account.  

Before you can add the HD feature to your account, any features that are not compatible with HD voice must be removed. Among these features are ringback tones, call filter, and company name ID, to name some. 

These features must be upgraded to be compatible with HD Voice beforehand. Otherwise, they won’t be available to your line.

HD Voice service is only available for postpaid accounts. It also requires both you and the person you’re calling to be connected to the same cellular network.  

Video calls through Wi-Fi calling can be done through the Contacts app, Video Calling group, Call History logs, within an HD Voice call and Phone app. A one-minute video call usually uses around 6 to 8 MB of data. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost in the middle of a video call, the call will seamlessly transition back to the 4G LTE network.

An indication that your video call is taking place over Wi-Fi is the Phone and Wi-Fi icon showing up on the in-call screen of the video call.

And that covers everything in this guide. Please stay tuned for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. 

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