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How to fix an Apple iPhone 11 that won’t connect to a WiFi network

All IP-enabled devices nowadays don’t have any issues connecting to any WiFi network and that should also be the case with the Apple iPhone 11. However, some owners have reported that their iPhone won’t connect to their networks anymore. Some reported that the problem started after the iOS 13.2 update while others said the issue

How to fix iPhone XS that won’t connect to the App Store after iOS 13

The App Store rarely misbehaves as this is a platform developed and well-maintained by Apple that offers millions of apps which users can download and install. But no matter how furnished the App Store is, there is still a chance that it becomes vulnerable due to various issues. And if you are experiencing the same

Samsung Galaxy A20 won’t connect to WiFi network. Here’s the fix.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A20 shouldn’t have issues connecting to any network as long as they’re designed to work in the area where they’re being used. But some users have been complaining because their units reportedly won’t connect to a WiFi network and a problem like this can be just a minor issue. Well,