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Galaxy A20 Mobile Data Not Working. Here’s The Fix!

mobile data not working

Fixing a mobile data that is not working on Galaxy A20 shouldn’t be that stiff especially if its main cause is software related. If you’re among the users who are struggling to fix mobile data problem on Samsung A20 devices, below are a handful of tips that can help you resolve such issue. Read on.

How to fix iPhone XS cellular data not working after iOS 13.3

Apple iOS devices such as iPhones are designed to access the internet with either mobile data or by connecting to a wireless network. What’s the good thing about having a smartphone is that you will still be able to use internet-based apps anytime, anywhere you go. Even without having connected to a Wi-Fi. But then

How to fix an Apple iPhone 11 that keeps losing signal

Some owners of the new Apple iPhone 11 have been complaining about a network problem wherein their device reportedly keeps losing signal. As a result, they can no longer send or receive text messages, or make and receive phone calls. This is a very frustrating problem if not taken care of immediately.  But the thing