Samsung S20 Hard Reset Tutorial: A Complete Walkthrough

Need help carrying performing a Samsung S20 hard reset? If so, then this post is for you. Read on to find out how to erase and restore factory default settings on a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone using the hardware keys.

Essential Steps: Performing a Samsung S20 Hard Reset with Ease

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a powerful device, but sometimes it may need a hard reset to restore it to factory settings. A hard reset can fix many issues like software bugs, lagging, freezing, and more. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

When sluggishness and other performance issues start to manifest in smartphones, performing a master reset is usually deemed among the last options to improve and restore system functions. In Android devices, a master reset or hard reset is also deemed an effective solution to major system issues, particularly those depicted by random system crashes and freezes.

Why You May Need to perform a Samsung S20 hard reset

At some point, you may find it necessary to perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy S20. Resetting your S20 restores the device to its original factory settings and can fix a number of issues.

Some common reasons for needing to hard reset an S20 include:

  • Experiencing system errors, software bugs or glitches that cause sluggish performance or app crashes. A hard reset will wipe out any corrupted data and give you a fresh start.
  • Preparing to sell or give away your S20. A factory reset erases all personal data and custom settings, letting the next owner start with a blank slate.
  • Forgetting your lock screen password or PIN and being unable to access your phone. A hard reset will remove the security lock and let you set a new password.
  • Minor annoyances like random reboots/freezes, issues with WiFi connectivity, or other small glitches. Resetting can often resolve these types of problems.

Back Up Important Data Before Hard Resetting the S20

Before factory resetting your Samsung S20, it’s essential to back up any important data you want to keep. A hard reset will permanently erase all user data, so you’ll lose anything not backed up.

Here are some tips for backing up your S20 before a reset:

  • Copy photos/videos from the S20 to cloud storage like Google Photos or to your computer.
  • Sync contacts and calendars to your Google or Outlook account so they are preserved online.
  • Sign into apps and save your data to the cloud where available. Games may lose progress if not synced.
  • Connect the S20 to your computer with a USB cable and use Samsung Smart Switch or Android File Transfer to copy files off the device you want to keep.

Ultimate Guide: Samsung S20 Hard Reset – Step-by-Step Instructions

Once you’ve backed everything up, you’re ready to reset your S20. There are a couple methods you can use to hard reset the device:

Via Settings Menu

Via Settings Menu
  • Open the Settings app on your S20.
  • Select ‘General management’.
  • Choose ‘Reset’.
  • Tap ‘Factory data reset’.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN, password or pattern.
  • Select ‘Reset’ to confirm and erase all data.

Button Combination

Button Combination
  • Turn off the S20.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time.
  • When the recovery menu appears, use the volume keys to scroll to ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and select it with the power button.
  • Choose ‘Yes — delete all user data’ to confirm.
  • Select ‘Reboot system now’ after the reset completes.

Recovery Mode Reset

Recovery Mode Reset
  • Turn the S20 off completely.
  • Hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together until recovery mode loads.
  • Use volume keys to highlight ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and press Power to select it.
  • Choose ‘Yes — delete all user data’ to confirm.
  • Pick ‘Reboot system now’ when finished.

Any of these methods will successfully hard reset your Galaxy S20 to factory condition. The device will restart itself and you’ll have to set up the phone from scratch after the reset finishes.

What to Expect After Hard Resetting the S20

Once the reset process is complete, your S20 will boot up and launch the initial setup wizard just like when it was brand new. Here’s what to expect:

  • All your personal data, accounts, customized settings and installed apps will be gone. Anything not backed up will be lost.
  • Any performance issues, software bugs, password locks or glitches should be resolved. It will be like you have a brand new S20.
  • You’ll have to reconnect to WiFi networks and redo system preferences like display settings. Log into accounts like Google and Samsung to restore data.
  • Reinstall any apps you use from the Google Play Store and configure them from scratch. Sign into game accounts to sync progress made before reset.
  • If resetting fixed a problem, take note of any changes or new behaviors to prevent the issue from recurring.

Take the time to thoroughly test the device and verify your critical data was not lost before adding content back onto the S20. But overall a hard reset is very effective at revitalizing a sluggish or glitchy S20.

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