How to Create New Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 My Files | Android 12

This post will help you create a personalized folder where you can store important files and documents on your new Samsung smartphone. Read on to learn how to create new folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 using the Android 12 My files application.

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Need help creating a dedicated folder to store important apps and other personal content on the Galaxy S21? If you do, then this post will help you get started. Keep scrolling to view more detailed instructions.

Android 12 My Files App

The preloaded app called My Files on the Galaxy S21 and other Android 12 Samsung devices do offer a number of useful features for mobile file management. Thus, you can utilize these built-in commands to manage and organize content. Among the said features is the Create New Folder option. 

With this option, you can create your own folder to store and segregate different files in your device. So instead of allowing the device to store your files in any of the built-in directories, you can implement your own file management scheme.

Depicted in this quick walkthrough is the actual process of creating a new personalized folder where you can store all your important documents, images, photos, audio files, videos and other data separately.

You can refer to the outlined instructions in case you need some input on how to get all these things done on your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.

Easy Steps to Create New Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21

The following steps are also applicable when creating a new folder on other Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are running on the same One UI/Android version with the S21 series. 

Actual screens and menu items may vary between device models and carriers so expect some slight variation with the process and user interface.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your device to Android 12, then you better update it first.

Once everything is set, you can go ahead and start creating a dedicated folder on your Samsung smartphone with these subsequent steps.

Step 1: Start by tapping on the My Files icon from the Home screen or Apps viewer. Doing so will launch the built-in My Files app on the Galaxy S21.

If you don’t see the My Files app icon from either Home or Apps screen, then it must be placed inside the Samsung folder. Just look for the Samsung folder from the main screen and then tap to view all apps inside it.

create new folder galaxys21 my files
Step 2: While on the My Files app menu, scroll down and then tap on Internal Storage. Another menu opens, highlighting all built-in storage locations or directories.
create new folder galaxys21 internal storage
Step 3: On the Storage menu, tap the triple dot icon on the upper-rightmost corner to view additional options.
create new folder galaxys21 tripledoticon
Step 4: From the side menu, tap the option to Create folder. A pop-up window opens, asking for key details.
create new folder galaxys21 create1
Step 5: Enter or type in your preferred folder name. Be sure to name the folder according to the type of files it stores.

Doing so will make it easier for you to determine which folder to open when trying to access and manage certain files.

create new folder galaxys21 namefolder
Step 6: After entering the folder name, tap Create to save.
create new folder galaxys21 createfolder

The recently created folder will then be added to the existing list of content inside the selected directory. By then, you can start moving relevant content from the default storage to the new folder you created.

Just repeat the same steps to create new folders on your phone.

Creating a Folder inside another Folder

Just like computers, the My Files app also allows you to embed folders in a single directory.

That said, you can create another folder in any of the built-in directories or folders from the internal storage menu. 

  • To do this, just select the desired directory from the internal storage menu. Or, you can also select a folder you created. While in the desired folder or directory, tap the triple-dot icon on the top-rightmost corner and then select the option to Create folder. Name the new folder and then tap Create to save.
create new folder galaxys21 embedfolder

It’s basically the same process as the one outlined above. The only difference is the original/source directory where you want to create a new folder into.

Renaming a Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21

With the built-in Edit function of the My Files application, you can change the name of any of the recently created folders.

create new folder galaxys21 rename

All you have to do is use the Rename command from the My Files app.

  • To rename a folder, just head over to the directory where the desired folder is stored. Once you get there, tap the triple-dot icon on the upper-rightmost corner and then tap Edit. Select the folder that you’d like to rename by tapping on the radio button before it. When the folder is selected, tap More at the bottom-rightmost corner and then tap Rename. Enter the new name then tap Rename.

The old name of the folder will then be altered with the one you recently entered.

More Folder Management Options and Commands


Aside from renaming, you can also view more details of a certain file or folder through the My Files app Details command. 

create new folder galaxys21 folderdetails
  • For example, to view more details about the recently created folder or any other folder inside the storage menu, just select the folder name and then tap Details from the More options menu at the bottom. 

A pop-up screen containing all necessary information about the selected file or folder will then be displayed.


Folders that contain huge files can also be shrunken using the preloaded compress command from the My Files app.

create new folder galaxys21 compressfolder

Using this feature, you can compress a folder into a zip or 7-zip file. 

  • To do this, just select the folder that you’d like to shrink and then tap Compress from the More options.
  • Compressed folders can also be protected by a password. Just mark the option to Protect with password and then enter your desired password. 

Just be sure to take note of this information because you’ll be required to enter it every time you access the compressed folder on your device.

Removing/Deleting a Folder from the Galaxy S21 Storage menu

Removing unnecessary files and folders can also be carried out through a built-in edit command in the My Files app.

create new folder galaxys21 deletefolder
  • Should  you wish to remove or delete any unwanted folder from the internal storage, just access the folder’s main directory and then tap the triple-dot icon on the top-right corner. Select Edit from the side menu options and then tap to mark the radio button before the folder that you wish to delete. Once the folder is selected, tap Move to Trash at the bottom of the screen to confirm deletion.

That should remove the selected folder from the selected directory or storage location.

And that’s all about creating and managing a new folder on the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.
Hope this helps!

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