Can’t Receive Text Messages on LG V30

There are several reports from users where they can’t receive text messages on LG V30. If you’re one of them, feel free to follow the procedures that I have mapped out below. Read further and find out how.

Before performing the recommended steps, make sure to contact your network provider and verify if the messaging feature is active for your plan. You can also check for any ongoing server maintenance that may affect messaging services. If everything is fine on their end, you may proceed with the steps. 


If you can send messages to a number or contact but you can’t receive their texts back, here are a few possible steps you can take to try and resolve the issue. Usually it’s simply caused by the number sneaking into your Block list and we’ll cover that too!

  • To verify if the number is in fact in your block list, follow these steps:
    • Open your Messaging app.
    • Tap on your menu button then tap Settings.
    • Tap on Message blocking.
    • Go into Blocked numbers and make sure the number you can’t receive messages from isn’t in there. You can simply delete the number from the block list if you wish to receive their messages.
  • If the block feature was not activated and you still can’t receive messages from that person:
    • Write their number down on a piece of paper (you’ll need it later).
    • Delete them from your Contact list.
    • Delete the conversation you have with that contact in your Messages.
    • Turn off your LG V30 for 10 seconds, then turn it back on.
    • Re-add their number into your Contact list and try to text them again and test.
  • If none of the above options worked or you are not receiving messages from all contacts, you can try performing a Network Settings reset. This won’t erase anything off your device but you will have to reconnect to WiFi:
    • Go to Settings > Backup & Reset
    • Tap on Network settings reset
  • Restart your LG V30 and test messaging again.
  • If the issue still persists, consider performing a Factory data reset of your LG V30.

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