How to Use Yolo in Snapchat – Get Anonymous Secret Messages

Snapchat has already established its name in the social media world, especially with teens who are fond of using the cool effects found on the app. On the other hand, Yolo is also rising to the top as one of the most downloaded apps. What will you get if you use Yolo in Snapchat? 

If you combine these two apps, that would sound like an exciting adventure. If you’re not aware what Yolo is, it is actually an anonymous Q&A app that would let you ask your followers for feedback through social media sites like Snapchat. That means they won’t know who initially asked the question. 

What sets Yolo apart from other anonymous Q&A apps is that it is built around Snapchat. This is one of the reasons why Yolo has been so viral lately. If you want to follow the trend and would like to know how to use Yolo in Snapchat, download the Yolo app through the App Store. Also, make sure that you have a Snapchat account and ready your credentials. 

If you’ve met those requirements, read further and follow the steps below.

Connect Yolo to Snapchat and Ask Anonymous Secret Messages

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how to use your Yolo account to your Snapchat account:

  1. Open your Yolo app.

    On the home screen, tap the Login with Snapchat option to proceed to the next page.

    use yolo in snapchat

  2. Tap on Continue.

    Make sure to read the details.

    login yolo to snapchat

  3. Connect to Yolo by selecting Continue.

    The app will have access to either Display Name or Bitmoji Avatar.

    connect yolo to snapchat

  4. It will now redirect you to the Yolo inbox.

    This is where your anonymous message will appear. If you’re new to Yolo, you might not have a message yet.

    yolo in snapchat inbox

  5. Tap on Get anonymous message option if you want to request for an anonymous message.

    You’ll be provided with an option to share it to your Snapchat story or your Snapchat friends.

    share yolo in Snapchat

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Like any other apps, it is important to observe a respectful environment by asking appropriate and polite questions. In this way, we can maintain a positive and fun social media experience. If in any case you’ll receive disrespectful questions while using Yolo, you may report this Snapchat support for further assistance. 

Cyber bullying is also one of the negative effects on using social media platforms. It is better to limit your usage and spend your time on other stuff like reading books. 

I hope that this article helped you connect Yolo on Snapchat. I hope you’ll enjoy getting anonymous secret messages or ask anonymous questions to your friends. We also have our Youtube channel if you want to explore videos about tutorials or troubleshooting. Feel free to visit it anytime and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you. 

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