How to Enable/Disable Pop-up Blocker in iPhone Safari

Have you ever experienced getting an error while opening a website on your iPhone’s Safari web browser? Did it ask you to allow pop-ups? Let us check on how we can enable/disable pop-up blocker on your Safari web browser by reading the contents of this article. 

To improve marketing strategies over the Internet, pop ups have been created as it allows business owners to advertise their product while someone is using a web browser. This might sound beneficial for ads, but most web users consider pop ups as a distraction and nuisance. This is one of the reasons why a software called pop up blocker has been developed.

Most mobile web browsers, including Safari, have an option to enable and disable pop up blockers. Having this feature on a browser can effectively enhance the user experience as it allows automatic blocking of pop ups or may provide a warning if a pop up is asking for authorization to be displayed. 

Pop ups are used by advertisers to catch some attention and they are designed with great animation, text, colors, and motion. No matter how great a pop up will look like, some users will feel disoriented and distracted as these pop ups are usually unrelated to a website’s content. 

If you have been using Safari browser on your iPhone and have been prompted by a lot of pop ups while browsing a website, learn how to enable pop-up blocker by reading the steps provided below. 

How to Enable and Disable the Pop-Up Killer on your iPhone’s Safari

Estimate Cost : 00

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how to activate and deactivate pop up blocker on your Safari:

  1. Access Settings.

    Tap the Settings app from the home screen.

    enable pop up blocker

  2. Go to Safari.

    Scroll down and look for the Safari option.

    safari option

  3. Look for Block Pop Ups option.

    This can be found below Favorites.

    safari block pop ups option

  4. Toggle the switch beside Block Pop-ups.

    If the switch is green, that means it is enabled and pop ups are blocked on Safari.

    enable disable pop up safari

  • Safari Browser
  • iPhone

Some pop ups might be helpful in the future, so you can always disable the pop up blocker on your Safari web browser anytime you want. I hope that this article has provided you the necessary information on how to do that. 

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