How to Use Zoom Video Conferencing on iPhone

Did you just recently sign up for a Zoom account and is still learning the basics? Learn how to use Zoom video conferencing on your iPhone by reading this article. Find out more details as you read further. 

In times where business halted and everyone was advised to stay at home, a lot of jobs have been affected. But some business keeps going and jobs have continued through a system called work from home. Business Process Outsourcing or BPOs, online teaching and other online jobs functions well during these times. 

Since they are working at home, managers and supervisors are doing their best to mentor and supervise their respective team. Communications are sent via email, SMS, or video calling. One popular app has been used by most business establishments and that is the Zoom App. 

If you want to know how to use Zoom conferencing feature on your iPhone’s app, just follow the steps that are provided below. 

How to Utilize the Video Conferencing on Zoom

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Here are the steps on how to use Zoom video conferencing on your iPhone: 

  1. Open your Zoom app.

    Just tap the Zoom icon from your home screen.

    open zoom app

  2. Tap on New Meeting.

    This will start a conference call with your zoom contacts.

    zoom new meeting

  3. Tap on Start Meeting.

    Make sure that Video On toggle has been enabled.

    zoom start meeting

  4. Wait until your conference has been connected.

    You will see a video call page with different options once you're connected.

    use zoome video call conferencing

  5. To view participants of the video conference, tap on Participants at the lower right.

    You'll see the lists of the participants. You can also invite other participants or mute them under this option.

    zoom video call participants

  6. Tapping More beside participants option will reveal more options.

    You can minimize the screen, access meeting settings and other options under More.

    zoom more options

  7. Tapping Share Content will allow you to share the conference call to different platforms.

    You can save the contents to your preferred cloud storage as well.

    zoom share contents

  8. Tapping Stop Video will stop sharing your video to the conference call.

    Though your video has been stopped, the conference call is still ongoing. Just tap Start Video to resume your video call.

    zoom video call start stop video

  9. Tap on Mute if you want to mute your video call.

    You can use this if you'll need to cough or if you need to mute your audio. You can still hear other participants even if you're on mute.

    zoom mute unmute video call

  10. At upper part of the screen, you find other options. Tap on Zoom to get details about the video call.

    This will show you if the connection is encrypted and other information.

    zoom meeting information

  11. If you want to leave the video call, tap End.

    Selecting End Meeting for All will disconnect all participants.

    zoom end call

  12. To change the camera, tap the icon beside zoom.

    You can either use the back facing or front facing camera of your phone to do a video call conference.

    zoom change camera

  13. To mute all participants, tap icon beside the camera option.

    This is a shortcut to mute the video call conference.

    zoom mute video call

  14. To activate Safe Driving Mode, swipe from the left screen to the right.

    While on driving mode, video call will be stopped and you'll need to touch and hold the Tap To Speak option if you want to talk. You can still hear other participants while on driving safe mode.

    zoom safe driving mode

  • Zoom App
  • iPhone

Zoom works like Skype in many ways, as they are considered as the closest competitors. It is a web-based video calling app that can be used on desktops, tablets, or mobile platforms. It allows the users to communicate and do conference calls for team meetings, with or without video. They can also record sessions, collaborate on projects, share sessions or annotate on each other’s screen. 

Zoom also offers the best and more complete business solution for business owners and other work-related purposes. Though using the app is completely free of charge, you have the option to pay an extra cash to unlock more in-app features. 

I hope that this article has provided you the needed information and allowed you to use the video conferencing feature on Zoom properly. If you want to explore some videos about tutorials and troubleshooting guides, feel free to visit our Youtube channel. 

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