How to Restore Default Display Text Settings on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through utilizing the dedicated reset option in the Android 13 the Display settings that restores the Google Pixel phone’s display text attributes to their default or original values. Here’s a quick guide to restore default display text settings on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

Android phones have different types of reset options that you can use whenever the need to restore default options is needed. Aside from system resets, there are also other reset options embedded in certain system services and features of the phone. One of these is the reset option in the display text settings.

Feel free to refer to these subsequent instructions if you’re wondering how to access and use this reset option on your Google Pixel 7.

  1. To get started, launch the Settings app menu by tapping on the Settings/Gear icon from the Apps tray.

    enable bold text google pixel7 display1

    To access the Apps tray on the Pixel 7, you will need to swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen.

  2. While in the Settings menu, scroll to find and then tap on Display.

    enable bold text google pixel7 display2

    Doing so will launch another menu with the inbuilt display options and features you can use.

  3. Find Display size and text from the given items to proceed.

    enable bold text google pixel7 display3

    Another set of display features attributed to the system’s display text will load up on the next screen.

  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and then tap the Reset settings button.

    reset google pixel7 display text settings4

    A pop-up warning will appear.

  5. Read and review the pop-up message then tap Reset to confirm.

    reset google pixel7 display text settings5

    All recent custom changes you’ve made to the display settings will be deleted and replaced by the default options.

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  • Google Pixel 7

Triggering this command will reset and restore the display size and text preferences to the phone’s original settings. 

This reset only affects the display settings and thus all your personal data and downloaded files won’t be deleted.

If you need to restore everything in the system back to their default values, then you will need to carry out a factory data reset (master reset) instead. This reset usually comes in handy when dealing with complex system issues that affect and ruin the entire system.

Unlike the display text settings reset, performing a factory reset affects user data that are saved on the phone including downloaded apps and files, saved contacts, photos, documents and other added settings. That said, creating a backup of all important data beforehand is imperative and highly recommended.

And that’s how to restore the default display text settings on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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