How to Insert and Remove SIM Card on Galaxy S20

Inserting and removing the SIM card on a smartphone is generally straightforward. All you need to do is to locate the SIM card tray on the phone and then use the SIM ejector tool to open it. In case you need some input on how to do this on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, I’ve illustrated a step-by-step guide on how to insert and remove SIM card on Galaxy S20. Keep reading for more information.

A SIM card embeds a chip that’s inserted into a mobile phone to make it tap into a mobile network. This card holds critical information and serves as a unique identifier for your device to connect to your carrier’s mobile phone/cellular network. The Galaxy S20 has a single SIM slot for one nano-SIM card. The global Galaxy S20 variant on the other hand, has dual-SIM connectivity. 

Be sure to use only the nano SIM card that’s provided by your carrier. Otherwise, there’s a tendency for your device not provisioned with the correct cellular services based on your current plan or subscription.

Also ensure that the device is powered off before removing or inserting the SIM card. This is imperative to prevent causing any sort of damage to the SIM card or the phone itself.

Steps to insert and remove SIM card on Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 3 minutes

The following steps portray the standard and recommended procedure on inserting and removing a SIM card not only on the Galaxy S20 but also on all smartphones, in general. Be sure to follow this method to evade from damaging the SIM card or relevant components of your phone. I’ve also included screenshots that depict the individual steps to make it easier for everyone to grasp and carry out.

  1. First, find the combined nano SIM and microSD card tray on the phone.

    This tray is located on the top-left side of your Galaxy S20.

    insert-remove SIM card on Galaxy S20 - locate SIM card tray

  2. Then get the SIM ejector tool and insert it into the pinhole on the combined nano SIM/microSD card tray.

    Be sure to gently push in the ejector tool until the tray pops out.

    insert-remove SIM card on Galaxy S20 - insert SIM ejector tool

  3. Next, slide the combined nano SIM/microSD card tray out of the slot.

    Remember the position and orientation of the card tray so you won't have any trouble installing it back afterwards.

    insert-remove SIM card on Galaxy S20 - pull out the SIM card tray

  4. Then remove the SIM card from or insert it into the tray.

    The gold contacts must be facing the back of your phone. Do not hold the gold contacts on the SIM card to prevent corrupting the card.

    To remove the SIM card, just take it off slowly from the tray.

    insert-remove SIM card on Galaxy S20 - remove or insert SIM card here

  5. When inserting the card back into the tray, press the combined nano SIM/microSD card tray back into its slot until it clicks.

    That click should be your hint that the tray is secured and locked in place.

    insert-remove SIM card on Galaxy S20 - insert SIM card tray back

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0
  • Galaxy S20

Repeat the same steps when inserting or removing the microSD card on your Galaxy S20. Hope this helps!

Please keep posted for more comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S20 and other new Galaxy devices. 

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