How to Enable Bluetooth Contact Sharing on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through activating an Android 13 feature that allows the Google Pixel 7 to share contact information to other compatible devices over a Bluetooth connection. Here’s a quick guide to enable Bluetooth contact sharing on the new Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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There are different ways to share files from an Android smartphone to other compatible devices. One of the quickest and easiest file-sharing methods is Bluetooth file sharing.

With this file sharing method, you can instantly send and receive different types of information from other devices wirelessly. All you have to do is meet the specified Bluetooth requirements for both devices involved in the file-sharing process.

Once all requirements are met, you should be all set to send/receive files between devices over a Bluetooth connection.

Depicted below are the steps to enable sharing of contact details on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone with another device using a Bluetooth connection. Feel free to refer to these outlined instructions if needed.

  1. When ready, open the Settings app by tapping on the gear icon from the Apps tray of your Pixel phone.

    bluetooth contact sharing google pixel7 1

    To access the Apps tray, you’ll need to swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen. There, you will see different app icons and shortcut controls.

  2. In the Settings app menu, tap Connected devices.

    bluetooth contact sharing google pixel7 12

    Doing so launches another menu that contains all saved devices that were previously connected to your Pixel phone via Bluetooth.

  3. Navigate to the Saved devices section then find the Bluetooth device that you’d like to enable contact sharing for.

    bluetooth contact sharing google pixel7 3

    If necessary, tap See all to view all saved Bluetooth devices on your phone.

  4. Right next to the Bluetooth device’s name is the Settings/Gear icon.

    bluetooth contact sharing google pixel7 4

    Tap on it to view more details about the device.

  5. In the Device details menu, you will see toggles that you can turn on or off including phone calls, media audio and contact sharing.

    bluetooth contact sharing google pixel7 5

    Tap turn to turn on the Contact sharing switch to proceed.

    Doing so will activate the inbuilt contact sharing feature on Pixel 7 using an active Bluetooth connection.

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  • Google Pixel 7

Repeat the same steps when activating contact sharing for another Bluetooth device that’s saved on your Pixel 7 smartphone.

When sharing contacts via Bluetooth, make sure that both devices are within the specified Bluetooth range or proximity. Also ensure that both devices are turned on, unlocked and discoverable.

Sharing Contact details via Bluetooth

Sharing contact information between Android smartphones over a Bluetooth connection is pretty straightforward for as long as the devices are compatible.

With Contact sharing enabled for the specific Bluetooth device, you can start sharing contact details at any time.

  • To share contact via Bluetooth in Pixel 7, navigate to the Home Screen then swipe up to view all apps. Tap Contacts then select a contact that you’d like to share details. When the contact is selected, tap on the Menu icon represented by three dots at the top of the screen then tap Share to proceed. Select Bluetooth from the given sharing options then tap to select the Bluetooth device that you’d like to share or send the selected contact details to.

Make sure that your devices are already paired and discoverable. To complete the transfer, the recipient device must accept the file (contact details).

Keeping the device software up-to-date is also recommended to ensure all connectivity features are updated and working as intended.

And that’s how you configure the Google Pixel 7 to share contact details over a Bluetooth connection.

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