How to Enable Auto-Restart Function on Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will walk you through activating a system feature on the newest Galaxy Flip smartphone that prompts it to automatically reboot during a set schedule or time of the day. Here’s a quick guide to enable auto-restart function on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 device.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Restarting the phone from time to time is recommended as it helps keep apps and system services performing smoothly. New phones including the latest Samsung Galaxy Flip device have auto-restart function that you can use to automate system reboot on a regular or scheduled basis. 

Depicted below is the actual process of how to activate and utilize the auto-restart function on the Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone. Feel free to refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. To get started, launch the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon from the Home screen screen or Apps tray of your phone.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 1

    This icon is represented by a gear-shaped image that’s lined up among other app icons or shortcuts on either screen. 

    Alternatively, you can access the Quick settings panel where you can tap on the Settings app shortcut control, which is also represented by a gear icon.

  2. While in the Settings main menu, scroll to find then tap General management.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 2

    Doing so launches another menu that contains another set of features for overall system management.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen then tap Reset.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 3

    Another menu opens with a list of all available reset options. Beneath these reset options is the main toggle for auto-restart.

  4. To enable the feature using the default or existing schedule, tap to turn the Auto restart at set times switch ON.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 4

    Your phone will then instigate an automatic system reboot within an hour of the time you’ve specified.

  5. You can also change or replace the existing schedule if you want. To configure auto restart options, tap Auto restart at set times.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 5

    On the succeeding window, you’ll see the inbuilt scheduler that you can use to change or set a new schedule for auto-restart.

  6. Navigate to the Schedule section then tap to mark the day(s) that you’d like your phone to reboot by itself.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 6

    The selected day(s) will be highlighted or turn blue.

  7. To set the time, tap Time.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 7

    On the pop-up time scheduler, tap to select your preferred auto-restart time.

  8. After setting the time, tap Done.

    galaxy zflip4 auto restart 8

    The new changes will then be implemented for the system to execute.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

You can always change the auto-restart schedule or turn the feature OFF whenever you would opt to manually restart the phone only when needed. Just repeat the same steps to return to the Reset settings menu where you can find the Auto-restart toggle. 

Important Notes on Auto-Restart

Please note that your phone will only instigate an automatic system reboot when its screen is off, when the battery is beyond 30 percent, when the SIM card lock is off and when it is not being used.

And that’s how you activate the automatic system restart function on the new Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip 4 smartphone.

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