How to Change Picture Storage on Galaxy S20

Wanted to change the storage directory for your Galaxy S20 images but don’t know where to go? If that is so, then this post is for you. Read on to learn how to change picture storage on Galaxy S20 with this step-by-step guide.

Changing the storage location for image and video files is usually needed when your device is running low on storage. No matter how big the original storage capacity of your devices, the fact is that it’s limited. Hence, proper memory management is imperative. In new devices, changing image directory or location can be deemed among other file management methods that will help you organize content on your device. Keep scrolling down to find out where and how to get started.

Steps to Change Picture Storage on Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 2 minutes

The following steps will walk you through changing the default or current storage location for your Galaxy S20 photos. I’ve also included individual screenshots as visual representations of the given instructions, primarily dedicated to Android starters who aren’t yet familiar with the interface and menu items. This should serve as free personal reference.

  1. Open the Camera app.

    Simply tap the Camera icon on the Home screen of your phone.

    change picture storage galaxy s20 - camera app

  2. Next, tap the Settings icon on the Camera app screen.

    This icon is represented by a wheel-like shape figure located on the upper-leftmost corner of the display (in portrait mode) or bottom-right corner (in landscape mode).

    how to change picture storage on Galaxy S20 - tap Camera settings icon

  3. From the Camera Settings screen, scroll down and tap Storage location.

    This is the menu you'd access to edit or change the default storage.

    how to change picture storage on Galaxy S20 - scroll to storage location

  4. Tap to select your preferred storage location.

    You can set the storage location from the internal storage to your SD card if you've installed one.

    how to change picture storage on Galaxy S20 - change or set new storage location

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0
  • Galaxy S20

After making the changes, you will see that the label beneath Storage location is also changed to your recent selection. To switch or change back to the previous storage directly, just repeat the same steps until you’ll get to the menu where you change the storage value.

And that’s how you change the picture storage on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Please keep posted for more comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S20 and other new Galaxy devices. 

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