Can’t Connect to WiFi on iPhone SE

If you have an iPhone SE that can’t connect to WiFi, try performing a reset on network settings. Access Settings from the Home screen and tap General. Scroll down to and then select Reset. Tap the Reset Network Settings option. Enter your device passcode once prompted. Then tap to confirm network settings reset.

WiFi issues can be caused by minor system glitch that is related to connectivity problems on your device. Performing a reset network settings will delete all customized VPNs, APNs and saved WiFi networks on your device. If invalid information due to settings manipulation is the culprit on why you can’t connect to WiFi on iPhone SE, this process should resolve the problem. 

But if in any case that the issue is not fixed, I have mapped out other potential solutions that you can try below. Just read further and find out how. 


If you’re having issues with connecting to WiFi on your iPhone SE, or getting internet access from your Wifi connection, here are some simple steps you can perform to try to fix the problem:

    • The first step is to Reset your network settings, as this will also reset all Wifi connections in your iPhone.
      • Go to Settings > General and then tap on Reset.
      • Select Reset Network Settings. You will then see the Apple logo and your phone will restart.
    • Once your phone is back on, go into Settings > WiFi and connect to your WiFi network and enter the password.
    • If your connection still isn’t working, restart your wifi modem/router by unplugging the power from it, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in, then try to reconnect again with your iPhone.
    • If issue persists, go into Settings > General > Software Update and make sure your device is up to date.
    • You can also initiate a force restart or hard reset on your device. To force restart your device, press and hold both the Power and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
    • Do you know if other users or devices are having a similar problem?
      If  your iPhone is the only device that is unable to connect to your WiFi network and you’ve tried all the steps above, perform a backup and restore of your device by following this guide.
  • If your iPhone is the only device unable to connect to your wi-fi network after trying all the steps above, then you should contact your provider or Apple as it could be a hardware issue and you will have to send it in for repair.

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