What To Do When iPhone Power Button is Broken or Unresponsive

When the iPhone power button is broken or unresponsive, the best way to diagnose it is by performing a hard reset. Doing so will eliminate software errors that might have prevented the power button to respond properly. If the power button is still unresponsive, the problem might be due to a faulty hardware components.

Thus, you need to find other ways to turn the phone off or on without the power button. In this guide, we have provided alternatives on how to make use of your iPhone without the power button. Read on.

iPhone Power Button is Broken or Unresponsive

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If your power button isn’t working on your iPhone, then this is usually due to a hardware issue and can’t be fixed unless you send your iPhone in for repair. However it’s not completely over if you’re unable to repair your iPhone or it’s out of warranty. Here is how you can get by using your iPhone without a power button:

    • How to turn OFF your iPhone without a power button.
      • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
      • Go to AssistiveTouch and turn it ON.AssistiveTouch
      • A dark square with a white circle inside will now appear on your screen. You can drag the square to position it in a convenient location on your screen as you wish.
      • Tap the circle icon to open the AssistiveTouch menu and then tap “Device > Lock Screen“. You can tap on Lock Screen to lock your screen, and you can also tap and hold the Lock Screen icon to power off your iPhone.
    • How to RESTART your iPhone without a power button.
      • The only way to restart your iPhone without a power button is to Reset Network Settings, however this also deletes any saved WiFi passwords on your iPhone, so you will have to reconnect to WiFi and re-enter the password.
      • If you wish to proceed go to Settings > General .
      • Tap on Reset.
      • Select Reset Network Settings.
      • Your iPhone will display the Apple logo then restart.
  • How to turn ON your iPhone without a power button.
    • Plug your iPhone into a computer or a charging port.
    • Give it a minute or two.
    • The iPhone will turn back on.

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