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Fix touch screen frequently freezes, not responding after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XS Max

When touch screen frequently freezes or not responding, your usual screen activities like making calls, reading emails, video streaming and using others online services will be disrupted. Thus, firmware crashes and iOS bugs can be the underlying causes. In this article, we have mapped out several troubleshooting procedures to resolve the touch screen lagging and

Fix iPhone XS Max that is stuck on blank or black screen after iOS 13.2.3

Getting stuck on blank or black screen after installing the latest iOS 13.2.3 update on your iPhone XS Max device? Worry no more. We have mapped out potential solutions to help you fix this type of screen issue. Read further and learn. iOS update is critical to maintain your phone’s workable state, enhance phone features,

My iPhone keeps restarting after iOS 13.2.3 update, is it a hardware issue?

When a high-end smartphone like an iPhone keeps restarting after an update, it’s more likely just a firmware-related issue than a hardware, provided that your device does not have any signs of physical or liquid damage, or it hasn’t been dropped after an update. If ever there are signs of physical damage, then it could