Samsung Galaxy S20 Help Guides

Samsung Galaxy S20

What issue are you experiencing?


Getting Started

Home Screen

  • Navigating, Adding and Deleting Galaxy S20 Home Screens
  • Accessing, Using and Customizing the Notification panel
  • How to change the Wallpaper and Theme
  • Managing Apps and Widgets on the Home Screen
  • Adding and Changing a Lock Screen Shortcut
  • How to Use a Shortcut to Unlock the Screen

Accounts & Security



Wireless Connections

  • How to get Galaxy S20 Connect to Wi-Fi
  • How to get Galaxy S20 Connect to the Internet via Mobile Data
  • How to pair Bluetooth Devices with Galaxy S20
  • How to Set Up Galaxy S20 Mobile Hotspot



  • Not charging out of the box, charging slowly
  • Device not turning on
  • Battery draining quickly
  • Phone keeps rebooting randomly


  • Facebook keeps crashing, not working
  • Twitter closes by itself, not updating
  • Nova Launcher crashes, causes phone to lag
  • Messenger crashes, closes on its own

Operating System

  • Stuck on Black Screen of Death
  • Different ways to reset Galaxy S20
  • Keeps freezing and lagging
  • Running so slow, poor performance

Internet & Network

  • WiFi connection keeps dropping, intermittent connection
  • No signal, No service issues
  • Network not available, please try again later
  • Not connecting to WiFi network

Calls & Texts

  • Text messages not sent or received
  • Unfortunately, Messages has stopped
  • Phones calls keep dropping
  • Callers can't hear users


  • Unable to read mounted SD card
  • Some apps in SD card not working
  • How to free up some storage space
  • Server storage full, unable to write on SD card


  • Screen keeps on flickering
  • Screen is black but phone is powered on
  • How to repair broken screen
  • Display shows some dead pixels


  • How to take a screenshot
  • Unfortunately, Camera has stopped
  • Warning: Camera failed
  • Camera is out of focus


  • No sound and other audio issues
  • Loudspeaker doesn't have any sound
  • Bluetooth headset has no sound
  • Notifications don't play

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