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How to unlock iphone 6 passcode or forgot PIN code

Issue iPhone 6 not accepting fingerprint and forgot pin. How to unlock iphone 6 passcode or forgot passcode. Can’t unlock iPhone with finger and forgot pin number. Don’t remember iPhone pin code and finger scan not working on iPhone 6 or 6 plus. Solution Locking yourself out of your iPhone is always a tough situation.

How to put your iPhone 6 in Recovery Mode

Issue You might need to use recovery mode to restore your device in these cases: iTunes doesn’t recognize your device or says it’s in recovery mode. You see the Apple logo onscreen for several minutes with no progress bar. You see the Connect to iTunes screen. You forgot your iPhone passcode Note: You will need a

iPhone 6 stuck on “Searching…” and can’t connect to network

Issue iPhone 6 stuck on “Searching…” for network. iPhone 6 won’t connect to network. Can’t connect to network manually with Carrier settings in iPhone 6. Carrier option missing from iPhone settings. Can’t manually connect to network. iPhone 6 Carrier option gone from settings menu. iPhone 6 suddenly stuck on searching for network. Solution If you wake

Can’t delete text messages from iPhone

Issue iPhone won’t delete text messages. When trying to delete texts, iphone freezes. iPhone freezing when trying to delete messages. Message app freezes and cant delete texts. Messages reappearing after restarting iPhone. Workaround Most of the time, this issue happens on the iphone 4s or older. When deleting threads with a lot of media (photos,

How to recover a deleted voicemail from iPhone

Issue Deleted voicemail accidentally from iPhone and need to retreive it. Looking to recover deleted voicemail. Workaround There IS a way to recover a deleted voicemail off the iPhone, however to do you MUST have Visual Voicemail on your iPhone. If you use regular voicemail (dialing into your voicemail number) then you unfortunately can’t recover deleted

Voice-to-text not working on iPhone 6

Issue Can’t use the voice command to text someone. How to activate voice to text on iPhone 6. Microphone button greyed out for text messaging. Can’t activate the microphone to use voice to text on iPhone 6 or 6 plus. Solution If you cant activate your microphone to use the voice to text function on

How to hide number from outgoing calls on an iPhone 6

Here is the complete guide if you are looking to find out how to block my number on iPhone. Just go through the steps & you will get the answer for your queries: Guide on blocking numbers on ios How to hide number from outgoing calls from the iPhone 6. How to call from a

How to resolve iPhone locked asking for PUK code

Issues related to puk codes iPhone locked asking for PUK code. iPhone SIM locked and asking for PUK code. Can’t unlock iPhone without PUK code. Cannot access iPhone without PUK pin code. iPhone says “PUK Locked” error message. Know here what is puk code.         Solution for puk code This issue can

iPhone 6 screen frozen and unresponsive – How to force restart

  Issue iPhone 6 won’t turn on. iPhone 6 frozen and won’t turn on even when fully charged, learn how to force restart iphone 6. iPhone 6 not turning off when holding down the power button. iPhone screen frozen, cant use it or turn it on or off. iPhone 6 plus frozen screen. iPhone 6

Can’t send or receive messages without internet on iPhone 6

Issue Messages coming in only when connected to Wifi on iPhone 6. All messages are received on iPhone 6 once connected to Wifi or Data. Not receiving messages to iPhone 6 plus on time. Messages being received with a delay. Messaging only working when connected to internet. Can’t send or receive texts without internet connection