iPhone Cellular Data Not Working? Try To Disable Wi-Fi

Is your iPhone cellular data not working as intended? If so, then this post might be able to help you sort things out. Keep reading for more info.

The apps that we have in our Apple iPhone devices are mostly internet-based. This means that they require internet connection to work as intended. Internet connection in iOS device can be acquired via Wi-Fi network connection or cellular data/mobile data.


When to use Cellular Data on your iPhone?

With cellular data, you can still connect to the internet on your iPhone even without any available Wi-Fi network. But the main downside is that it would cost you a lot to use up more data than Wi-Fi. Nonetheless, there may be some instances wherein you’ve got no other choice but to use cellular data and pay extra.
In the event that you are not within the WiFi coverage, you can always turn on your phone’s cellular data. You can enable this feature by heading to Settings-> Cellular, and toggle the Cellular Data switch on. This should work in all Apple iPhone devices as long as you are subscribed to an internet service plan.
But just like any other features, iPhone mobile data can be in trouble too.

Why is your iPhone cellular data not working?

There are various reasons as to why cellular data may not work on your iPhone and the very obvious is that the feature might haven’t been enabled in the first place. Other possible reasons would include the following:

  • Temporary network issues such as scheduled network maintenance and outages.
  • Network system errors on the phone including those inflicted by faulty software updates and settings that aren’t properly configured.
  • SIM card-related issues from a SIM card system crash to a damaged or dislodged SIM card in use.
  • Hardware-related problems on the phone from previous instances of hard drops or liquid exposure.
  • Account-related issues like unsupported mobile data services by the carrier. 

To deal with cellular data issues that have something to do with your account, contact your carrier for further assistance. Do the same if a faulty SIM card is the underlying cause. You may have to ask for a new SIM card replacement from your carrier in those cases.

For cellular issues attributed to hardware damage, taking your iPhone to an Apple-authorized service center would be a better option.

In case you would bump into some problems when attempting to use cellular data on your iPhone, I’ve lined up some basic procedures and potential solutions that you can use to eliminate software-related culprits.Here’s why and what to do if cellular data is not working on your iOS device.

Troubleshooting cellular data issues on your iPhone

It is imperative to carry out some basic procedures to eliminate software-related factors that might have caused problems to your iPhone’s cellular data functions. Most of the time, the transpiring issue is attributed to random system errors and therefore can possibly be remedied by end-users using relevant fixes. 

The solutions I’ve mapped out below can also be applied to other relevant iPhone issues as follows:

  • iPhone mobile data errors.
  • Unable to access the internet on the iPhone.
  • Data not working on iPhone. Can’t access 3G internet on iPhone.
  • No internet access while cellular or mobile data is enabled.
  • Mobile data works on and off (intermittent internet connection), or not at all.

Before you proceed, check and ensure that your iPhone is getting a strong and stable cellular network signal. Intermittent or weak signal to the cellular network is often times the main reason why cellular services aren’t working as they should.


If you’re having issues accessing internet through mobile data on your device, here are some steps you can try to fix the issue:

1. Disable WiFi on your iPhone.

iphone cellular data not working

  • Go to Settings > WiFi and make sure its turned OFF (If the issue is with your WiFi connection, click here to troubleshoot wifi issues)
  • iphonewifioff

2. Check Cellular Data on your iPhone.

iphone cellular data not working 1

  • Go to Settings > Cellular and make sure cellular data is enabled by toggling the switch on.

Once the cellular data is enabled, open your browser and check if your mobile data is already working. If not, try the next solution.

3. Reset network settings on your iPhone.

iphone cellular data not working 2

Network connectivity errors can also be the underlying cause. To eliminate flawed networks or erratic network configurations which halted your iPhone to access mobile data, reset your iPhone’s network settings. See steps below:

  • If your mobile data is enabled, go to Settings > General > Reset and Select “Reset Network Settings”.  (For a detailed guide on how to Reset your Network Settings click here).
  • Note: This will not erase anything on the iPhone. It will however remove your saved WiFi passwords so you will have to reconnect to your WiFi connections.
  • The iPhone will display the Apple logo and restart. Once the device is back on, test your internet connection by opening a safari page.

4. Contact your Network Support

iphone cellular data not working4

If all else failed to fix the problem and that your iPhone’s cellular data is still not working, then it’s time you should seek for more help from your network service provider.

There might be some temporary network issues or outages affecting cellular services in your place. It’s also possible that there are some account-related problems that you need to settle with your carrier.

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