5 Best House Design Apps for iPhone or iPad

While professional design services are now at hand, many people would still opt to utilize their own concept in realizing a new house plan or remodeling an old one. Thankfully, the presence of numerous smartphone applications for house designs makes it very possible for anyone to come up with his/her very own professional house design. If you’re among those who discern to design your prospect house, you can use any of the apps listed in this post. Read on to learn 5 of the best exterior and interior house design apps you can use with your iPhone or iPad.

top-rated house design apps for ios devices

Introducing 5 of the best house design apps for your iPhone and iPad

Mapped out below are just five of the best house design and remodeling apps you can use on your iPhone or iPad. Check out how each of these apps works and to make use of them on your iOS device.

1. MagicPlan – 2D/3D Floor Plans

magicplan 2d and 3d floor plan app for iphone and ipadIn order to get started in realizing 3D house models and estimating the cost of house materials, you need to have a floor plan. And this is when the MagicPlan – 2D/#d Floor Plans app plays a vital role. With your iPhone or iPad, you can scan rooms to start making, measuring, editing and generating 3D models of your desired floor plan. All these are done with the use of the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

Key features

Among the key significant features of this app would include but not limited to the following:

the following:

  • Ability to create and generate floor plans using the camera of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Automatic detection and capturing of doors and windows.
  • Floor plan sketching or drawing.
  • 2D and 3D model outputs.
  • Export final floor plan files as JPG, SVG, CSV, DXF, and PDF.
  • Compatible with other programs like Chief Architect, Excel, and AutoCAD.

You can also use this app to furnish your plans with more than 1000 objects from plumbing to electrical, furnishing and more. Synced elevation view of your floor plan is also available. You can also add notes and photos and create virtual tours with 360 panoramas.

MagicPlan has been hailed the best app for house/floor plan blueprints, estimates and reports creation in the year 2012 and 2017, with over 17 millions of global users to date. It is a free app so you can use it on your device right away after downloading and installing. And with the latest app update, you can now showcase your 3D models in fancy Augmented Reality (AR).

To use MagicPlan, your iPhone or iPad must be running on the iOS 10 or later version.


2. ‎Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

houzz home design and remodel app for iphone and ipad

If you need more inputs on what interior or exterior home design or enhancement to use, Houzz has got over 20 million high-resolution images of home exteriors and interiors to choose from. Hence, it’s deemed as the number 1 app for house building, designing, decorating and remodelling. Home design images that you came up with this app can be saved and shared with home professionals, so you can relay the details of your desired outcome to these home professionals.

Key Features

  • Options to gather ideas for your house.
  • Find and connect to the best local home professionals.
  • Compare and assess recent projects from local home professionals
  • Find unique products for home improvement and decorations.

The app also allows you to shop from over 10 million house materials and products including furniture, vanities, lighting, cabinets, and more. Products and materials can also be viewed and purchased directly from photos on Houzz using a visual recognition technology called Visual Match.

In order to use this app on your iPhone or iPad, iOS version 12 or later is required. Aside from iOS devices, the Houzz – Home Design & Remodel app can also be used with the Apple TV.


3. Homestyler Interior Design

homestyler interior design app for iphone and ipadIf you’re looking for an iOS app for home renovation or building projects, Homestyler Interior Design app is one of the best apps that you should consider. It is a free home decorating app that’s primarily intended for professional and aspiring interior house designers. With this app, you can create your home project and get new home design ideas from the latest interior design trends.

Key Features

  • Allows you to create DIY or Do-It-Yourself interior house design projects then save or share them with anyone like.
  • View, scale and select 3D furnitures that best fit your floor plan.
  • Multiple designs, 3D furniture, decorations and lighting fixtures to choose from leading stores like Target, Pier 1, IKEA and more.
  • Lets you create your interior design profile.

You can also use the Homestyler app to find and connect to the best home decorating experts and enthusiasts.

In order to use this app, your iPhone or iPad must be running on iOS 9.0 or later version. It’s a free app so you can directly use it after download.


4. DECASO Luxury Home Decor

decaso luxury home decor app for iphone and ipadWhen it comes to finding the best home items to get for your interior home ornamentation, DECASO luxury home decor app can surely help you. With this platform, you can scour through a wide variety of modern and antique home items offered by the most trusted dealers worldwide. This app basically serves as a platform for any iPhone or iPad owners to discover and source home furniture comprising of both modern and antique objects.

Key Features

  • More than 25,000 items for curated choices
  • New items added per week
  • Allows you to preview items in your home using a built-in feature called View In Your Space.
  • Product details viewable in beautiful bright photos.
  • Sort prospect home items by style, category, design and color.

You can also use this app to establish direct contact to home item dealers for immediate response to your queries and purchases.

The minimum system requirement to use DECASO on your iPhone or iPad is iOS 11 or later platform.


5. Smith: Home Remodel

smith home remodel app for iphone and ipadAnother great iOS app for home improvement and repair purposes is Smith: Home Remodel. Aside from being a free app, it also gives you a way to find the best professional to assist you in getting anything you need for your house.  In short, this app can help you contact a contractor (local pros) to complete your project.

Key Features

  • Easy comparison of local home improvement pros.
  • Provides home project or repair details.
  • Quick time-frame for finding the best local pros to complete your project.
  • Flexible service scheduling, to set the service at your preferred time and date.

To use this app, your iPhone or iPad must be running on iOS 9 or later platform.

All these apps are available for free downloads through the App Store.


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