What to do if iPhone 11 is stuck on ‘Verifying Update’ after iOS 13.2.3

There are iPhone 11 owners who reported that their devices got stuck on ‘Verifying Update’ after they’ve downloaded and installed the new iOS 13.2.3 update. It’s not really an error and sometimes it just takes a little longer for Apple servers to verify the firmware that was installed on a certain device bearing a specific Apple ID. But there are also times when the iPhone cannot move on from this. While you may still be able to use your device even if it’s stuck on verifying update, you won’t be able to use the new firmware. That’s why it’s important to address this problem as soon as it starts bugging  you. 

In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting your iPhone 11 that cannot successfully install the iOS 13.2.3 update. There are a few factors we need to consider to get this issue fixed. So, if you’re one of the owners, continue reading as this article may be able to help you one way or the other. 

Troubleshooting an iPhone 11 that’s stuck on ‘Verifying Update’

You have to remember that in order for you to successfully install an update and for your iPhone to get verified after an update, your iPhone must be connected to a WiFi network with internet connection. But connectivity is just one of the factors. It is also possible that the problem is due to a minor firmware issue that’s why you need to be through in your troubleshooting. With that being said, here’s what you should do about this problem…

Make sure your iPhone 11 has Internet connection

First off, you have to check your device if it’s connected to a network. I’m sure it was connected as you were able to download the update but the connection may have failed or got interrupted. That could be the reason why it is stuck on verifying update. 

  1. To make sure your iPHone has connectivity, disable the WiFi service first. 
  2. After a few seconds, enable WiFi again until it shows it’s connected. 
  3. To confirm if you have an internet connection, launch Safari or any web browser and browse some sites. 

After making sure that your iPhone 11 has a stable internet connection, try to see if it can verify the newly downloaded update. 

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Perform a Forced Restart iPhone stuck on Verifying Update

It is possible that this problem is caused by a minor firmware issue that’s why it’s best at this point to just refresh your iPhone’s memory by doing the forced restart. None of your files will be deleted but this procedure is pretty effective against firmware-related issues. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, and then the Volume Down button.
  2. The moment you release the volume down button, press and hold the Side or Power key for 15 seconds or until the Apple logo shows on the screen. 

After the reboot, launch Settings, go to General and then Software Update. If your iPhone is still stuck on ‘Verifying Update’, then try the next solution. 

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Delete the update and download it again

After the first two procedures and you iphone 11 is still stuck on verifying update, then it’s possible that the updated got corrupted while it was being downloaded. That could happen when the connection gets interrupted while your iPhone is downloading the new firmware. The best thing you can do to rule it out, is to delete the update and then have your device re-download it. 

  1. Launch Settings. 
  2. Go to General and tap iPhone Storage. 
  3. Look for the iOS update and tap on it. 
  4. Tap Delete to remove it from your phone. 
  5. Go back to the Software Update page and then download the update once again. 

As far as this issue is concerned, this is the best way to fix it. However, if for some reason your iPhone is still stuck on ‘verifying update’ even after doing the previous solutions, then the only option left for you to do to update your iPhone 11 is to use a Mac or PC to download the update through iTunes and install it on your iPhone.