How To Use Hotspot on Galaxy S22

The Mobile Hotspot feature on your Samsung Galaxy S22 is very useful as it allows you to share your Internet connection with other devices. Users that connect to the Internet using mobile data may find it advantageous for them, especially if they have unlimited plans and don’t have Wi-Fi Internet connection at home.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi users can also use it to actually extend the coverage of their network. In other words, they can use the Mobile Hotspot to turn their Galaxy S22 into a Wi-Fi extender.

For some of you who might have noticed it, you can actually share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices using mobile hotspot. Such a feature has been enabled when Android 12 was rolled out. So it’s not just the mobile data that you can share now but also Wi-Fi.

Setting Up Mobile Hotspot On Galaxy S22

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 3 minutes

In most cases, the Wi-Fi hotspot will immediately work when you enable it. However, you might not know the password and that you might not be able to determine what the network name is. So it's important that you set it up properly and here's how you do it:

  1. Pull up the app drawer and then tap Settings.

    This will open the Settings app and bring you to the screen where you can find almost all of the features of your phone.

  2. Tap Connections.

    This will show you all of the wireless communication settings in your phone.

  3. Find and tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

    It will show you the four settings you can use for both hotspot and tethering.

  4. Choose Mobile Hotspot.

    The next screen will allow you to edit the essential settings for the feature.

  5. Tap Configure to allow edits.

    It will bring you to the next screen that allows you to edit the SSID, password, band, etc.

  6. Enter the Network name you can easily distinguish among others.

    You can add your phone model at the end if you like.

  7. Enter the Password you can easily remember.

    But it should also be something that can't easily be guessed by your neighbors.

  8. Change the Band if necessary.

    If you have devices that can connect to 5 GHz, then you might consider using that band, otherwise, use the 2.4 GHz.

  9. Once done, tap Save.

    It will bring you back to the previous screen.

  10. Tap the Mobile Hotspot switch at the top-right corner to enable mobile hotspot.

    Your phone will immediately start broadcasting the signal and you should be able to connect to the network as you already know the login credentials.

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And that’s the basic set up you need to know to be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature of your Galaxy S22.

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Mobile Hotspot Advanced Settings

You can try changing some settings under Advanced option to see if there’s something you can use.

Turn off when no device connected for – One of the most useful settings you might check out is the mobile hotspot timer. You can set a time when to disable mobile hotspot automatically if no device is connected to it.

Hidden network – Another setting you might find useful is the Hidden network setting. It will hide the network so that no other device or person can connect to it, especially if you don’t want to set a password for the network. Once enabled, you need to manually enter the network name on the phone you want to connect to the network.

Power saving mode – This setting will reduce battery usage by analyzing your Mobile Hotspot traffic. However, it might affect performance of features such as online gaming or video streaming.

Auto Hotspot – When enabled, your phone’s internet connection will automatically be shared with other devices that are signed it to your Samsung account or with devices that are part of your Samsung account family group. For the latter to work, you have to enable Family sharing.

Wi-Fi Sharing – This feature is what allows your phone to share the Wi-Fi connection using mobile hotspot.


  1. My phone can't share my Wi-Fi connection. It says Wi-Fi has to be disabled for mobile hotspot to work. How do I fix this?

    When you tap Configure, scroll all the way down to find the last setting. That setting should be Wi-Fi sharing and that's what allows your phone to share your Wi-Fi connection using mobile hotspot. It has to be enabled if your Galaxy S22 is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you want to share your Internet connection with other devices without manually entering the password of your network.

  2. Where do I find the device connected to my network?

    It is under the mobile hotspot screen itself. However, it can only be seen if your phone is already broadcasting the signal or sharing its connection. There will be another setting that will be added at the bottom of the screen and it says Connected Devices. It will show you how many devices are currently connected to your hotspot.

  3. Will mobile hotspot be disabled automatically?

    Yes. The length of time that the mobile hotspot will remain enabled even if it's idle or no device is connected to it depends on how many minutes to set it to disable when idle. You should look for the setting that says Turn off when no device is connected for and change the time.