How To Turn Off Background App Refresh On Apple iPhone 14 Pro

By default, your iPhone 14 Pro allows apps to download information from their respective servers in the background. They’re actually allowed to do that regardless of whether you’re connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

If you have noticed, there are times when your iPhone will prompt you that you’re trying to access some sites even if the web browser isn’t opened. And if you’re on cellular data, you should have noticed that your emails keep coming in even if you did not open the app. 

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The background app refresh can drain your iPhone’s battery quicker depending on how many apps are refreshing every few minutes. You might also incur additional data charges every month if you’re not aware of it. 

So in this post, we will show you how to turn off the background app refresh on your iPhone 14 Pro. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Go back to the Home Screen and touch Settings.

    This will open the Settings app that will allow you to change some features on your device. 

  2. Scroll down a bit and tap General.

    The General menu contains settings that have immediate impact on your device’s performance. 

  3. Find and tap Background App Refresh.

    It will show you the list of apps that are allowed to refresh and use your Internet connection in the background. 

  4. Find the app you want to turn off the background refresh of and tap the switch next to it to disable it.

    In this tutorial, let’s use Facebook as the example. When disabled, Facebook can no longer download information from its server in the background. So you have to open it to update your timeline and other information.

  5. If you want to disable background refresh for all apps and services, tap Background App Refresh at the top.

    This will give you three options. 

  6. Tap Off to disable the service.

    This will turn off the background refresh for all apps. 

  7. Tap Wi-Fi to select it.

    If selected, that apps that are allowed can download information only if your iPhone is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi network. 

  8. Tap Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.

    When selected, the apps can download information regardless of whether the phone is connected through Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

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So select the option that works best for you. 

We hope that this guide can help you.

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