How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS | The Easiest Way

This tutorial guide will help you transfer pictures from PC to iOS using iCloud.

Transferring pictures from PC to an iOS device can be done in different ways. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to move your photos from a Windows computer to an iPhone device using iCloud. Read further and learn how it’s done.

There are various ways to export your files including images from your Windows computer to your Apple iPhone device. But the safest and easiest way to do so is through iCloud.

Unlike other third-party softwares, iCloud guarantees users to securely saved data and avoid compromise personal information.

Note as well that this process will require you to have internet connection on both iPhone and PC. If you are ready to transfer images from your computer to your iPhone, let’s get started.

How To Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS using iCloud

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the things you need to do to move or transfer your pictures from a Windows computer to an iPhone.

  1. Enable iCloud Photos on your iPhone.

    Head to Settings->Photos->iCloud photos. If needed, toggle the switch to turn the feature on.
    Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS

  2. Go to on your computer.

    Enter your Apple ID and password. Then tap the arrow icon to log in.

  3. Enter the verification code to log in.

    This code is sent to your iPhone right after you click on the arrow icon.

    Transfer-Pictures-from-PC-to-iOS-guide (2)

  4. Click on Photos.

    This option is visible once you are logged in to your Apple account, under Account Settings.

    Transfer-Pictures-from-PC-to-iOS-guide (3)

  5. Click the Upload icon.

    This is located at the upper corner of your screen.
    Transfer-Pictures-from-PC-to-iOS-guide (4)

  6. Then select the photos you want to export to your iPhone.

    To select multiple photos, press Ctrl key and then click on the photos you wish to transfer. Then hit Open.

    Transfer-Pictures-from-PC-to-iOS-guide (5)

  7. On your iPhone, open Photos to check if the selected images are already transferred.

    Go to Photos->Album, then check the photos.
    Transfer-Pictures-from-PC-to-iOS-guide (6)

  • Apple iPhone
  • PC
  • iCloud

With iCloud, you can easily upload the photos from your computer to your iPhone device without any hassle. As long as your iCloud Photos feature is enabled on your iPhone, then you won’t have any problem exporting the images from your PC to iOS.

Aside from exporting photos from your PC to your iOS device through iCloud, you can also do the transfer via iTunes or other third-party software. If you feel like using a third-party app, make sure to select the one that is developed by Apple for a secure and safe file transfer.

For those who preferred iTunes, be aware that this option is a bit complicated especially for first timers. It has the tendency to delete your iPhone photos when doing iTunes syncing. Nevertheless, iCloud is an ideal method of transferring images from your computer to your iPhone device.

But then again, the choice is yours. For as long as you know how the process goes and your comfortable using the method of your choice, then there’s nothing to be worried of.

I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. For more tutorial videos and updated troubleshooting guides for smartphones, please visit our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you for reading!