How to Silence Notifications while Driving on Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will walk you through configuring the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 safety and security settings to stop any potential distractions from notifications while driving. Here’s a quick guide to silence notifications while driving on the Galaxy Z Flip4 device.

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Time Needed : 2 minutes

Depicted below is the actual process of activating the One UI safety feature that prompts the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to automatically mute notification alerts while driving. Feel free to refer to this walkthrough whenever needed.

  1. 1. Open the Settings app to get started.

    silence notifications while driving galaxy z flip4 1

    To do so, simply find the Settings icon from the Home screen or Apps screen then tap on it.

  2. 2. In the Settings menu, scroll to find then tap Safety and security.

    silence notifications while driving galaxy z flip4 2

    Another menu opens with all inbuilt features that are designed to ensure owner’s safety.

  3. 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list then tap Silence notifications while driving.

    silence notifications while driving galaxy z flip4 3

    On the succeeding menu, you will see the main toggle to turn the feature on or off. 

  4. 4. The switch is turned off by default, which means the need for you to toggle it ON in order to enable the feature. Just tap to turn the switch ON.

    silence notifications while driving galaxy z flip4 4

    When the Silence notifications while driving switch is turned ON, it will be highlighted. This denotes that the feature is already active.

  • Settings
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

With this feature enabled, your Samsung phone is now all set to automatically enable Do Not Disturb when you’re driving and thereby limits interruptions from incoming calls and text messages you receive.

How does Silence Notifications while driving work?

Like many other smartphones, the latest Samsung Z Flip 4 variant also comes with a safety feature that helps people lessen, if not, eliminate interruptions from notification alerts especially when driving. Such functionality is known as the Do Not Disturb mode while driving. 

Activating this feature is highly recommended to ensure safety among smartphone owners when driving. 

When enabled, the phone automatically detects that you’re moving at a speed that’s similar to being inside a vehicle and therefore mutes incoming notifications for calls and text messages.

Turning on Silence Notifications while driving will likewise activate the Do Not Disturb while driving functionality of your Galaxy Flip smartphone. To figure out when you’re inside a moving vehicle, your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 device utilizes motion and Bluetooth connections. 

And that’s how you mute notifications while driving without having to put your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 into a complete silent mode.

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