How to Show Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy A23 5g

This post will walk you through displaying the battery percentage indicator on the Galaxy A23 status bar. Here’s a quick guide on how to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A23 5g.

Samsung Phone Battery Status

Knowing the remaining battery life left on your phone is imperative. The battery indicator on a smartphone may appear in the form of a green or yellow bar. And since many would opt to see a specific number of the battery life, modern Android phones including Samsung Galaxy devices also allow users to show the specific number of the battery life. 

The percentage number however isn’t always accurate, especially in older phones with aging batteries. That said, the number may sometimes be higher or lower than that actual battery life left on the device. Furthermore, a 100% doesn’t always mean a hundred percent charge. 

But then again, seeing this information is definitely useful as it gives users a hint on how long the phone’s battery life is likely to last.

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Status Bar Indicator Icons

Just like computer programs and mobile applications, the Home screen of every smartphone also has a status bar.

The status bar is a separate interface that contains different icons that usually represent the current status of the key features. It’s typically located at the top of the screen.

The common indicator icons shown in the Status bar on a Samsung Galaxy phone include Cellular Signal, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Services, System Notifications, Battery among others. The actual icons may vary between device models, carriers and software versions.

The battery indicator is typically displayed among other indicator icons on the status bar of every Android and Samsung Galaxy phone. Some devices show the battery bar icon while others showing both the numeric percentage.

If your phone doesn’t show the battery percentage, then you’ll need to manually configure the battery settings to display this information on the status bar.

Showing the battery percentage in Android devices is fairly simple. All it takes is a quick navigation towards the settings menu.

If you’re new to Android and wondering how to get this done on the Samsung Galaxy A23 5g smartphone, you can refer to the outlined steps below.

Steps to Show Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy A23 5g

Displaying the battery percentage on the Galaxy A23 5g device can be carried out either through the notifications menu or battery settings menu. Either method yields similar output. Just follow the steps whenever you’re all set to configure your device.

First Method: via Notifications Advanced settings

Follow these steps to enable the Show battery percentage switch through the Advanced settings menu via Notifications settings.

Step 1: To get started, access the Home screen or Apps viewer and then tap Settings. Doing so will launch the settings app with the built-in features and services.
Step 2: While in the Settings app menu, find and then tap Notifications. Another screen will launch, showing notification settings and relevant options.
Step 3: Tap Advanced settings on the following screen to proceed.
Step 4: Finally, toggle the Show Battery Percentage switch on.

Doing so will activate the battery status indicator that shows the current percentage of the remaining battery level of your phone.

Second Method: via Battery settings

Follow these steps to enable the Show battery percentage switch through the Battery settings menu.

Step 1: First, tap Settings from the Home screen or Apps viewer to launch the settings app.
Step 2: While in the main settings menu, scroll to find and then tap Battery and device care. Relevant features will load up on the next screen.
Step 3: Tap Battery to continue.
Step 4: On the succeeding menu, tap More battery settings to view additional battery settings.
Step 5: Finally, tap to turn the Show battery percentage switch ON. Doing so will enable the battery percentage indicator on the status bar.

Keeping the battery percentage shown on the status bar will help you gauge how long the phone can stay up until the next recharge. This therefore allows you to manage power consumption or limit the use of power-consuming applications when needed.

Should you wish to hide it again to decongest your phone’s status bar icons, just turn off the Show battery percentage switch either on the notifications settings menu or battery settings menu of your phone.

And that’s how to enable battery percentage switch and display the numeric battery percentage indicator along with the battery icon on the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5g smartphone.

Hope this helps!

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