Setting up an Apple iPhone 11 with Quick Start

Long time iPhone owners need not go through the hassle of setting up their new iPhones as a new device because they can easily copy their files, data and apps to their new device, and that’s through Apple’s Quick Start setup. As long as your old iPhone has, at least, iOS 11, you should be able to use this feature to setup your new iPhone 11. 

The entire process can be completed in a few steps and all the hard work will be done by your devices. Here’s how…

Step 1: Get both your iPhones ready. 

Step 2: Place your old iPhone you’d like to use for setup next to iPhone 11. 


Step 3: From your old iPhone, tap Continue on the Set Up New iPhone pop-up.

Step 4: Position the image on iPhone 11 in the viewfinder of the other iOS device to authenticate your connection.

Step 5: Enter the authentication code on your other iOS device to begin transferring information.The indicator is in the bottom left of the screen. After you enter this authentication code, follow any additional on-screen prompts to complete iPhone setup.

And that’s basically it. You will be able to use your new iPhone 11 after this.

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